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Business Analytics: 5 Key Big Data Trends For 2021

For the next year, the data analytics provider Qlik has identified five fundamental big data and data Business Analytics trends. The most important include comprehensive data, data ops, and self-service analytics, as well as shazam of data.

According to Qlik, five trends in business analytics, big data, and data analytics will determine next year. Developments include Wide Data, Data Ops, and Self Service Analytics, as well as Shazam of data.

Business Analytics: Big Data Becomes Wide Data

Thanks to scalable cloud solutions, the capacity limits of in-house IT infrastructures are no longer a limiting factor in big data environments. The challenge of the hour is “Wide Data.” Attention turns to the fragmented, widely ramified data landscapes that have arisen from inconsistent or incorrectly formatted data as well as independent data silos.

In the last five years alone, the number of databases available for various data types has doubled from 162 to 342. “Companies that succeed in combining this data in a meaningful way in the future will have a clear advantage,”.

Data Ops And Self Service Analytics: More Agility For Data Usage

While data analytics has long since found its way into the business level thanks to modern BI technology and self-service tools, there is still a lack of agile options for data management. The solution is called: “Data Ops.” This approach makes it possible to use automated and process-oriented technologies to increase the speed and quality of data management. For this, on-demand IT resources are used, tests are automated, and data are provided.

Thanks to Data Ops, 80 percent of the core data can be systemically delivered to business users. “With Data Ops in operational data management and self-service analytics on the business side, a flowing process can be achieved across the entire information value chain. Synthesis and analysis are intertwined. “

Business Analytics: Intelligent Metadata Catalogs As A Link

The demand for data catalogs is increasing to localize, record, and synthesize raw data in the distributed and diverse databases. The metadata catalogs will increasingly be equipped with AI to enable active, adaptive, and fast data provision in the coming year. This is the prerequisite for the agility made possible by the use of Data Ops and self-service analytics.

Development Of Data Competence As A Service

By linking data synthesis and data analysis, the use of data can be further advanced. “However,” .”no matter how good technologies or processes are, they will not be of any use if people are not on board. It is not enough to make the tools available to users and hope for the best. The key to success will be helping employees become familiar with reading, working, analyzing, and communicating data. “

Many companies want to promote their employees’ data knowledge in the coming year and are specifically looking for partners who offer software, training, and support in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). The goal: To improve data know-how so that Data Ops and self-service analytics can interlink and data-based decision-making can assert itself among employees in everyday life.

Business Analytics: Shazamen Of Data

The advances in data analytics have been enormous over the past few decades. However, experts see the biggest milestone still to come: the “shazam” of data. Most of us know Shazam, the famous app that can identify and provide information about playing songs. This concept is currently being expanded to include numerous areas. “In 2021, we will also experience ‘Shazamen’ for data in the company”.

“It will be possible to take a closer look at the surroundings of data: where do they come from, who has used them, what quality are they, and how have they recently changed?” Algorithms will help the analysis systems to recognize data patterns, Understand anomalies and propose new data for further analysis. This will make data and analytics leaner, and we can work with the right data at the right time. “

Business Analytics: New Ways Of Handling Data

“One thing is certain: In the future, the handling of data will go far beyond search, dashboards, and visualization. We will communicate with digital devices using alternative input techniques such as thoughts, movements, or even on a sensory level. The purchase of CTRL Labs, the start-up for neuro interfaces, by Facebook or Elon Musk’s Neuralink project, which is working on human-machine interaction, are the first harbingers of what is to come. In 2021, some of these breakthrough innovations will begin to transform the way we work with data. This presents enormous opportunities for all of us, but it harbors the risk of abuse. A sense of responsibility is required here,”.

“A holistic view of data competence and ethics is necessary so that people can make the right decisions when dealing with comprehensive data. Data Ops and self-service are the trends that help to properly use data scattered throughout the company to continue to be successful in the digital age.

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