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Chatbot: Why Use It In Your Marketing Strategies?

The chatbot is a program that simulates human conversation and interacts with people, answering questions and providing information through text, audio, video, images, GIFs, etc.

The program uses technologies such as artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning for all this magic to happen.

Those who think these robots only provide mechanized assistance in their interactions are mistaken – as if the user were talking to a machine.

If well programmed and fed with a large amount of data, they can understand complex requests and adopt an informal and fun language, depending on the brand’s personality and communication strategy.

They can be used to complete a service, from the first interaction to the end of the conversation, where the brand is present (website, social networks, among others).

How To Use The Chatbot On Social Networks?

The chatbot can be used in various channels, such as websites and social networks. In this second option, he manages to help companies both in customer service and marketing interactions and sales. Learn a little more about using it in Facebook Messenger!

Chatbot On Facebook Messenger

The chatbot on Facebook Messenger is just one example of the power of use; see! One of the significant advantages of using bots in this channel is to reduce the communication barriers between the brand and the public.

In addition to being the third most used application in the world, Facebook Messenger is dynamic and allows you to carry out various types of interactions, such as:

  • send sequential messages to your users;
  • send files (e-books, images, gifs);
  • sell (Yeap! You can make a sales call through the bot);
  • make SAC (creating automated conversation flows);
  • nurturing leads (yes! Send new content through the bot), etc.

Not to mention the cost-benefit of the investment: you want to communicate with your customers, and creating a Facebook Messenger bot is much cheaper than building a mobile application, for example.

The good thing is to use creativity and think of several excellent approaches. One can be a landing page on the website, with a CTA to fill out a form and direct the person to the chat, to receive the material.

What Are The Advantages Of Investing In A Chatbot?

You can already tell that the chatbot is super advantageous. But if you still have doubts, we’ve gathered the most significant benefits below. Check out!

Generate Leads

Applying Inbound Marketing strategies requires continuous work. It is necessary to create relevant content, think about the sales funnel stages and adopt practices to attract the consumer’s attention.

But think: someone who came into contact with the brand and interacted with the bot showed some interest, don’t you think? And would it be a waste to let this opportunity pass?

Based on the type of question and interaction, it is possible to collect data, segment the public and send content related to the topics covered.

Create Positive Experiences

Having a good experience is one of the main requirements for consumers to purchase and become loyal to the brand, to the point of recommending it to acquaintances.

A significant advantage of this software is serving several users simultaneously and 24 hours a day. For those who work with online sales, this is highly recommended since, you know, they can happen at any time.

Not to mention that bots increase productivity, as most people have their problems solved, leaving a small portion for assistance with a human.

Strengthen The Brand

With service optimization, increased leads and positive experiences, the business gradually becomes more attractive to social media users.

Especially since, with each contact, there are chances of constantly gathering information about the persona to deliver relevant content and products. All this contributes to the strengthening of the brand.

So, Will Chatbots Replace Other Forms Of Customer Service?

This is the doubt of many people! Many professionals question whether they should get rid of other tools and bet everything on chatbots. Despite being fantastic programs, investing in other interaction and lead-generation tools is essential.

A chatbot can receive users, solve doubts and maintain a coherent interaction. However, there are cases in which the consumer will need more personalized attention and prefer online chat, for example.

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