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Computer Networks: What It Is, Job Market And Profile!

Technology and its devices are widespread in schools, companies, public bodies and people’s homes. Therefore, some professionals specialize in maintaining a computer networks that can offer speed and security to its users. 

In this sense, professionals who perform functions in this area are increasingly being recognized in the market, considering that their activities are essential for different dynamics to flow. 

What Is A Computer Network?

A computer network is a set of interconnected devices that share resources and exchange information. This interconnection allows computers, servers, mobile devices and other equipment to communicate and share data, printers, internet connection and other resources.

Technology is of great importance for the dynamics of various services. Therefore, many companies have their presence in their routines, mainly through a computer network consisting of a mesh of several computer systems used for data transmission. 

These devices that are interconnected in this mesh send and receive data, voice and video traffic; all of this is due to the installed hardware and software.

The professional trained in this area will be responsible for implementing and monitoring network systems to avoid problems and intervene to make the process happen more quickly. In this way, they can act by:

  • In the construction of logical and physical projects for the implementation of a computer network that can be local or remote;
  • Manage and maintain the computer network in its infrastructure;
  • They present solutions and bring new implementations to computer equipment;
  • Installing new physical network systems or software, identifying how they relate to each other;
  • Checking and working on network security. 

These are some of the main activities that professionals trained in computer networking perform. It is essential that the entire computer network process can occur in the best possible way and safely.

Job Market

The job market for computer network professionals is broad and receptive. More and more companies and bodies are looking for the skills of these professionals to optimize their business routines. 

There is no doubt that a computer network must be capable of offering security, good connectivity and fast communication so that all programs work simultaneously without any interruption. This way, professionals in this area can find work opportunities in public or private companies, helping their sectors function smoothly. 

Mainly, companies directly linked to technology, such as those that make software developers, the hardware industry, and telephone and internet operators, are the primary sources of work for professionals in this area, and they can find the best salaries there.

Profile Of The Computer Network Professional

Every professional has aspects that contribute to their growth in the profession. And computer network professionals have traits that help them execute their skills, such as organization and logical thinking, which are one of the main ones. Other features are:

  • Teamwork: As he will be responsible for managing computer networks and proposing solutions, it is essential to know how to communicate so that you can organize tasks and manage your team;
  • A systemic view of the business: In addition to having skills in your role, it is essential to understand the entire dynamics of the company so that you can offer solutions in computer networks to add more growth opportunities to the business;
  • Proactive: The computer network professional needs to be confident and active to constantly monitor and look for solutions, preventing losses and significant errors from appearing.

All of these skills are fundamental for carrying out activities related to computer networks, and it is worth highlighting that seeking information from the market and the technological field is extremely important to remain a specialized and excellent professional.

Positions For Computer Network Professionals 

Professionals trained in computer networking can work in various sectors of a company. In other words, he can take on multiple positions linked to the technological field, as his role is vital for business functioning. Discover some of the places that a computer network professional can take on:

  • Network administrator: He will be responsible for managing the entire computer network and making interventions so that they are all functioning correctly;
  • Risk Analysis Manager: Failures or unexpected situations may arise that could harm the functioning of the network. The sooner they are identified, the better it will be. Therefore, there are professionals in this area who are directed to analyze future risks that may occur and apply interventions;
  • Network environment consultant: Finds solutions that promote improvements in the performance of computer networks;
  • Network Environments Agent: It will establish processes capable of speeding up traffic on the computer network, helping the process to occur more smoothly. 

Most of the time, many professionals identify with an area of ​​this profession and seek to specialize more and more to get job openings in specific sectors.

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