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Corporate IT: Four Essential Fields Of Action In 2021

Corporate IT: Which topics will influence corporate IT this year? Couchbase, provider of a database platform, has four areas.

  • The “cloud-first” strategy is accompanied by increasing standardization of the underlying processes.
  • The cloud will determine the future of open source and challenge its strong position in business software.
  • Security by design as an essential objective will gain in importance.

2021 will mark a turning point in cloud usage as new applications and software will be installed according to “cloud-first.” This also means that technology that works without the cloud is seen as a costly exception. This goes hand in hand with an increasing standardization of the underlying processes in corporate IT. The standards already include microservices and container management systems.

Corporate IT: Implementation Of A Cloud-First Strategy

In 2021 the focus will shift to service meshes. The strength of a microservice architecture is the loose coupling of the modules. At the same time, it is also a significant disadvantage because functions such as monitoring, tracing, and circuit breaking have to be created again in every microservice.

A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer integrated directly into the application and can be used to control how different parts of an application interact with one another. As more companies start using service meshes, they will be just as common. The cloud providers will increasingly influence this – by ensuring that customers use their specific offers, which puts more shackles on companies.

Open Source: The Question Of Monetization

The growth of the cloud giants and IT as a service will challenge the common ideas about open source in 2021. When using open-source software to deliver a service through a cloud provider, the issue of monetization arises. Some software providers are trying to create new license models that apply to everyone except cloud providers. However, this is a clear departure from the generally accepted open source definition, particularly the ban on usage restrictions. Open-source software can then actually no longer be described as open source.

Clever licensing approaches alone will not be enough; rather, the providers must see themselves as service providers when it comes to management, support, and other value chains. The business model is to be innovative – where cloud providers don’t – and offer a better and more differentiated service.

Corporate IT: Security-By-Design Is Mandatory

IT security will remain a dominant topic in corporate IT in 2021 as well. Security must be built into the applications right from the start – by experienced and appropriately trained developers. The provision of security features and technologies only after the developed software will inevitably leave significant gaps. It is all the more critical that companies rethink their approach and prioritize the hiring of trained developers.

In 2021, companies will begin to realize the full potential of edge computing. They will leverage on-device processing to provide faster services to end-users, avoid the risk of network failure, avoid duplicating sensitive data, and make their services more cost-effective.

In this case, the Edge concept replaced by “Edgeless” is. Devices will communicate to run applications without the cloud, with central servers being left out or at most acting as a data archive. As the computing power of the devices increases from generation to generation, edgeless computing will experience growth in which processing can occur anywhere.

Corporate IT: Cloud Determines The Future Of Open Source

“Of course, topics like the cloud or security are on the list of trends pretty much every year. In 2021, however, we will see some significant shifts so that technologies can now exploit their full potential. The cloud, for example, will determine the future of open source and question its strong position in the business software environment,”.

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