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Digital Marketing: This Is How SMEs Implement Effective Measures

Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, can use digital marketing to their advantage because digitization offers new ways, to advertise to customers effectively. Maximilian Model explains how to do it correctly and what needs to be considered during implementation.

It is now widely known that digital technologies are the key to economic success. Digitization optimizes processes, increases efficiency, and can make marketing more individualized. Large companies have relied on digital marketing for a long time, while many smaller retailers and medium-sized companies still find it difficult. The reasons for this vary from person to person. Some companies lack staff resources or IT specialists, while others lack technical know-how or information. Still, others are unsure where to start with digitization.

Understand Digitization – And Use It Correctly

Many companies are wondering why they should digitize in the first place. Digitalization brings you three main advantages: process optimization, increased efficiency, and customer-specific individualization. The last point, in particular, individualization, is essential in marketing and customer communication today. Nobody can – or should! – afford to send a generic monthly newsletter because the customers themselves are usually very heterogeneous. Personal contact is what counts; a customer must have the feeling that they are being addressed personally.

Start Digital Marketing At The Push Of A Button

The most significant advantage of digital marketing lies in its automation: modern marketing tools enable newsletters to be sent automatically under certain conditions. Companies can trigger the sending of newsletters with their actions, for example, by clicking on a specific product in the online shop. For this purpose, the marketing software is connected directly to the company’s online shop. With this type of personalized advertising, target groups can be reached much more precisely than before. Modern marketing is therefore individually tailored and exactly filled with the content that is also relevant for the contacts – a win-win situation for buyers and retailers.

Digitally Networked – Everywhere

By the way, nowadays it is no longer enough to communicate with your customers via one channel. Today, consumers use a variety of digital media on which products and services are advertised. Small and medium-sized retailers often do not have the resources to be present wherever the customers are – unless they use digital marketing. Because these allow a much broader distribution, not only via e-mail or SMS but also on all known social media channels, the best thing about digital marketing tools is that information and content can be spread widely. At the same time, there is no lack of personal and individual approaches. It is not an either-or, but both are possible with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing – Cheap, Simple, Secure

The advantages of digital marketing offers are apparent: They are cheap, easy to use, and guarantee data security. It must be clear that retailers who switch to digital marketing tools are reducing costs and, at the same time, demonstrably increasing sales through the added value described above. In addition, such devices reduce the complexity of the applications – this also saves employees’ time, which can be used profitably elsewhere.

Last but not least, one should never forget the data protection factor in marketing activities. While large companies often have their legal departments, small companies do not. Digital marketing providers can also help here. When choosing the right tool, GDPR compliance and the server location should always be taken into account. European providers offer the most outstanding possible security here. Just as consumer habits have changed, so must marketing. In particular, small and medium-sized companies benefit from all-in-one marketing solutions because these give them all the tools they need for personal and efficient customer communication today.

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