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Digitization: These Are The Most Significant Entry Hurdles For Companies

Google, Amazon, and Apple have shown the way: The Digitization of companies and value chains is the business model. Control or automate time-consuming internal operating processes centrally via a digital interface, handle the entire procurement process without paperwork or manage machine parks in a single program and, if necessary, mobile: This is how the future should look if companies have their way. This form of digitization is already within reach today. Because what may sound like science fiction to many can be put into practice with modern business software such as SAP.

Reluctant Approach To Digitization

As the corona pandemic has shown once again, such measures are now more necessary than ever to organize businesses entirely from the home office and not to fall behind in the international competition. And yet, the majority of corporations and SMEs continue to complain about slow progress in internal digitization processes.

“The hurdles for the digital transformation process lie elsewhere,”. “What is needed for a successful implementation is not just the software. Internal IT skills and entrepreneurial know-how, for example, are at least as necessary for a successful cost-benefit calculation. The courage to change is an equally important driver. “

Where To Start With Digitization

As good as the digitization of corporate processes sounds, the devil is in the details in theory. Because which specific measures are appropriate for a company and to what extent they should be implemented is a complex cost-benefit calculation that managers and department heads often grapple with in vain. “Creating KPIs and roadmaps for something that you have limited know-how about yourself is a difficult undertaking,”. It is also advisable to take a step back first to see the big picture and the potential for improvement to be recognized before taking the significant steps forward in the direction of digitization. If the optimization potential is correctly quantified, individual measures and their scope can be easily determined.

Communicate The Benefits Of The Transformation Process

Digitization projects are often about much more than just setting up a new email server. Projects with great potential for optimization, in particular, affect extensive company processes and must be implemented across departments. But when the tried and tested are suddenly replaced by something new digital, companies sometimes encounter resistance from within their ranks.

“Digitization can bring about radical changes. Some managers shy away from this, especially if the benefits of the transformation process have not been communicated to them by the company management”,. To guarantee a smooth transition, change processes should be planned, defined, and communicated in advance with the top management. Subsequently, such far-reaching changes must be supported and defended by everyone.

When Digitization Becomes A Question Of Responsibilities

Sometimes the biggest problem with digital transformation processes is the question of responsibility. Many companies do not have their own IT department and instead delegate digital tasks to the relevant working groups. In larger projects with high requirements, however, this can quickly lead to capacity problems. Because even if there is an internal IT department, it is often overloaded with the requirements of a large-scale digitization project.

“In many companies that have difficulties getting started with digital transformation, the tasks are repeatedly delegated in a circle,”. To counteract the failure of the change process, external consultants take over the system implementation and introduce employees specifically to the system and the new strategy within the project framework. In this way, the company saves the costly further training of its IT specialists for individual projects. In addition, consulting firms such as CNT support holistic projects – starting with project and workshop planning, through implementation to training and support after the digital changeover. Both the entire company and each employee benefit from this.

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