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Five Tips On How To Improve Your Company’s WIFI!

By putting into practice some tips on improving your company’s wifi, you will realize that there are significant benefits for work environments that need to be connected all the time.

For example, anyone who works with card machines or smartphones knows it is impossible to have 100% confidence with 4G technology alone. This explains the increasing trend in the use of wifi Internet in companies.

However, if you don’t seek to learn how to improve your wifi connection frequently, the speed may not be the best, making your day-to-day work difficult. Therefore, following the tips below on improving your company’s wifi can significantly help your production team.

Choosing the ideal location for the router and keeping the equipment always up to date are some of the main points for optimizing wifi and, therefore, making your employees’ work easier.  

So, follow the article below and learn the best tips to improve your business’s wifi connection! 

How Can  I Improve My Company’s Wifi By Updating Devices?

Some actions are crucial to improve the connection. You must pay attention to updating the devices you use and be careful with signal theft.

1-Improving Your Company’s Wifi Contributes To Your Employees’ Daily Lives

Wifi networks are not all the same; the excellent work of each one is related to the choices of devices that guarantee perfect navigation in online data transmissions.

N, G, A and B are the four types of IEEE 802.11 wireless networks:

  • N: Receives and transmits data at speeds of up to 600 Mbps (Megabit per Second), standard for businesses that need to share data quickly.
  • G: Data transmissions at 54 Mbps maximum.
  • A: Data transmissions at 54 Mbps maximum.
  • B: Data transmissions at 11 Mbps maximum.

In addition to the compatible router, you must have a network card on your PC or notebook compatible with the standard N, G, A or B.

In this case, to optimize wifi, it is possible to change the network card of corporate computers without spending much on it. In the case of routers, there is no way to update the devices themselves, meaning there is a need to buy and replace a newer model.

2- The Location Of The Router Is Essential To Improve Wifi

Has it ever happened to you to realize that the computer does not connect to the wireless internet? And, in this situation, how to improve the wifi connection? Usually, you call maintenance and notice that everything is just a problem related to the router’s positioning in the environment, right? If not, consider yourself lucky! This problem is quite common.

To get the best wifi Internet connections, use your router as close as possible to the devices connected to the network. Wireless operation doesn’t mean unlimited distance to join.

Think of it this way: routers work similarly to radio, that is, based on waves invisible to human eyes. Therefore, if there is any obstacle between the device and a computer, there are chances of interference that make it impossible to use the internet and prevent you from trying to optimize wifi.

Doors, furniture, electronics, and, in short, different physical objects can interfere with the work of the waves that make wifi internet connection possible. A strategy used in several companies is to install the router at a high point to expand the signals so that there is less chance of interference from obstacles.

3- Theft Of The WIFI Signal Can Harm Your Connection

Some neighbors can be opportunistic to the point of stealing the connection signals. This can happen with a simple question about the network password to one of your employees. 

Guide your employees not to share wifi passwords with unauthorized people. Another way to improve your company’s wifi is to use the WPA security standard. Make passwords difficult by using uppercase, lowercase, and numbers. Avoid naming your connection with easily identifiable terms like “company name”, for example.

4- How To Improve The WIFI Connection Considering Other Electronic Devices

Another valuable advice on improving wifi is to be careful with specific devices that can interfere with signals, such as cordless phones.

Being without a phone is impossible for your company, is it suitable? So, buying models that work on different frequencies than the routers is worth it.

It is not advisable to install a router close to the pantry, for example, as it may have microwaves that interfere with the wifi quality. Therefore, knowing this is another good way to improve your wifi connection.

5 – Avoid Applications That Steal The Connection

Downloads, video streaming, online games, in short, just one computer connected to the network can use a lot of bandwidth as it has many applications open, which limits internet use on other connected devices.

One of the ways that experts suggest to optimize WIFI and reduce this problem is to use QOS, a feature that is present in most current routers. With it, it is possible to block the operation of currently useless programs and prioritize data transfers via protocols, such as, for example, placing torrents in front of video reproductions.

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