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Game Booster: Samsung’s Trick To Beat All The Games

In our daily lives, one of the tools we use the most is our mobile device to watch videos, listen to music, and take images.

In addition, it is more common mainly due to the different functionalities they have to improve the gaming experience, as is the case with Game Booster for the Samsung Galaxy.

The best of all is that not only do we have a tool to facilitate gameplay on the Korean company’s smartphones like the one we bring you right now.

However, we find different functions that they perform since, in this case, Booster has intelligent functions to adjust other determining factors of the Samsung Galaxy, such as temperature, performance, and the terminal’s battery. But what exactly is it for?

What Do You Do On Your Mobile?

One of the services we find on every mobile phone from the Korean company, accompanied by Game Launcher, is the Game Booster function.

Furthermore, one of its strong points is that access or activation is simple and especially fast, so using this functionality will always be easy.

But ultimately, this tool has been designed by the smartphone manufacturer to offer us gameplay in which nothing and no one can interfere while we enjoy any title.

In addition, this tool uses artificial intelligence to record the usage patterns of each game and adjust determining factors that we told you before, such as battery life, smartphone performance, and temperature.

This function integrated into Samsung phones will make it easier than ever for us to record and share screenshots every time we play.

This means it will be ideal for those users who want to publish photos and videos on different social networks or platforms.

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Game Booster Options

After knowing what this tool from the Korean company is about, it is time to see all its options once we activate it.

To start it, we have to click on the Game Booster icon that will be located in the navigation bar. If it is hidden, we will have to slide it up from the bottom of the screen or to the left from the right side of the panel to be able to view it.

If you had conf, the navigation bar to use ‘Full-screen full-screen’ would have to swipe down from the top of your mobile panel to open the notification panel and then click ‘Tap to open Game Booster. ‘

Create A Shortcut.

One of the first strong points of this Galaxy functionality is that we can create shortcuts or shortcuts for the different functions it offers us:

  • Screen touch lock.
  • Navigation button lock.
  • Screenshot.
  • Popup panel.
  • Engrave.
  • None.

Put Locks

Once we have started it on our Samsung phone, we will have access to the following ‘lock’ options, all to improve the gaming experience without any interruptions:

Lock the touch screen: we can lock the panel so it always remains stationary; we will have to open the Game Booster Panel and click on the Screen touch lock option. To remove the locking padlock, we have to slide it in any direction.

Lock the navigation buttons: we can hide the virtual switches of the navigation bar from the panel of this tool and click on the Lock navigation button. Save energy

We will no longer have to resort to the classic battery-saving mode of Samsung phones every time we want to play a video game, but within this tool, we will find its own energy-saving feature that we can enable whenever we want.

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