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Generative AI: A Revolution In Marketing

Read the article and see the challenges, tips and insights for strategically adopting generative AI in your marketing.

The advancement of generative AI has played a central role in the current digital marketing landscape, reinforced by the recent news that Microsoft is releasing Bing Chat for third-party browsers.

This move is just one example of how much technology companies invest in creating AI tools to improve the user experience and optimize marketing strategies.

The Evolution Of AI Tools In Marketing

Users will no longer need to install Bing to use Bing Chat. Soon, you can use it as an extension on Chrome, for example. The company did not release the launch date but said that “soon” Bing Chat will be available in third-party browsers.

Currently, the most popular service that uses this technology is ChatGPT. Still, the conversation system created by OpenAI is far from the only option for those who want to learn how to use technology to their advantage and even anticipate a possible trend of increasing adoption in many different areas of the global economy.

The giants of the world of technology do not want to be left behind and have entered the fight for dominance in the artificial intelligence sector. Microsoft, for example, invests in OpenAI and has launched several products that use the technology, including its search engine, Bing. Google continues to test its tool, Bard, and expanded access to it for users in more than 180 countries.

The truth is that the use of AI is no longer new. From chatbots to recommendation algorithms, companies have harnessed the tool’s power to automate processes, better understand consumer behavior, and personalize interactions.

But those who work in marketing still seem to be wary of using these tools. Recent research indicates that only 40% of marketers saw improved quality when using AI, raising some important questions.

The Challenges Of Using Generative AI In Marketing

While AI has demonstrated enormous potential, its adoption in marketing is not without its challenges. One of the main obstacles is the lack of complete understanding of how to integrate it into existing strategies effectively.

Additionally, creating and training AI models requires technical resources and expertise, which can impede some companies. The minority of marketers with worse results when using AI highlights the importance of careful and strategic implementation.

The “New Normal” In Marketing: Adopting AI Intelligently

Despite the challenges, the trend is clear: AI is becoming the “new normal” in marketing. With technology giants investing heavily in this area, it is clear that generative AI is poised to revolutionize how companies communicate with their customers.

For digital marketers, the road ahead involves not just adopting AI but doing so innovatively and strategically.

Tips For A Successful Implementation Of AI In Marketing

Deep Understanding: Before adopting any AI tool, it is crucial to understand its capabilities and limitations. This will allow you to choose the right tool for your needs and avoid unrealistic expectations.

  • Gradual Integration: Instead of radical changes, consider gradually integrating AI into your existing strategies. Start with smaller tasks and expand as you gain confidence and understanding.
  • Proper Training: Empower your team with the knowledge to use and understand AI. This may involve specialized training or hiring professionals with expertise in the area.
  • Constant Assessment: Keep a critical eye on the results obtained with AI. If something isn’t working as expected, be prepared to adjust your approach or even abandon the tool if necessary.


Adopting AI in marketing is an exciting and challenging journey. The landscape constantly evolves as big techs launch their AI tools and platforms. While uncertainty may exist, one thing is clear: Generative AI is changing how companies engage with their customers.

By embracing this change with wisdom and strategy, professionals can position their brands at the forefront of this technological revolution. Therefore, the “new normal” in marketing is undoubtedly shaped by AI innovation.

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