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How To Apply Artificial Intelligence In HR?

Artificial Intelligence in HR is gaining more and more space in companies worldwide. However, many managers still need to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) works and, therefore, are unaware of the important benefits that technology can bring to their businesses.

In general, AI can be used by organizations in any segment, in the most diverse sectors, but HR stands out in using this Intelligence since it can be applied to different objectives and with high chances of success.

If you want to know more about AI and how to use it correctly in your company’s Human Resources sector, read this article until the end.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a sphere within computer science that aims to emulate human thinking. In other words, AI comprises software and devices capable of collecting and interpreting data similarly to our brains.

Currently, we can identify the use of Artificial Intelligence in bank services, search engines, cell phone operating systems, and virtual stores, among many other areas of activity.

When you use Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana, you directly interact with one of these companies’ AI.

In Human Resources, AI can be applied to the most varied people management processes, such as recruitment and Selection, internal training, detecting bottlenecks in job engineering, maintaining the organizational climate, and improving internal communication.

How To Apply Artificial Intelligence In HR?

In practical terms, Artificial Intelligence in the Human Resources sector can be used in software for specific functions, applications, and chatbots. Next, we will explain how to implement AI in various processes in HR.

Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment And Selection

Recruitment and Selection is one of the main activities of Human Resources; after all, through this process, it is possible to choose talents that can contribute to the growth of the business, in addition to avoiding hiring people with profiles that are incompatible with the company or unwanted by it.

It is also possible to create specific software for Recruitment and Selection based on Artificial Intelligence through algorithms that cross information from a database and locate the ideal candidate for an available position, for example.

We can define an algorithm as a series of instructions programmed in a system to solve a problem.

When discussing databases, we can mention the HR software, which contains data on employees and CVs sent by those interested in participating in selection processes.

By gathering this information through Artificial Intelligence and criteria established by the Human Resources area — or even by the company’s managers — it will be easier to find the ideal candidates for certain vacancies.

Artificial Intelligence For Team Training

One of the biggest trends in the HR departments of companies connected with digital innovations is using AI to train their employees.

The possibilities are diverse, especially in Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), also known as e-learning or Distance Learning (EAD) platforms, where it is possible to create “virtual instructors” and chatbots to interact with users.

You can also define performance evaluation metrics in training and even use virtual and augmented reality technologies to simulate everyday situations. This can make training more effective and closer to employees’ daily experiences.

Artificial Intelligence In Lag Detection In Company Sectors

It is often difficult to control the entry and exit of employees from the company to identify which sectors had an increase in production and activities that require hiring new employees.

In addition to the signs to be carried out by the managers, the company can rely on new technologies to solve this problem.

Through Artificial Intelligence software, the Human Resources sector can be notified each time a need to start a new selection process is detected.

This will be possible with the definition of specific metrics to identify these cases, such as the number of employees expected for the proper functioning of each sector and the number of employees on leave due to vacations, and sick leave, among other scenarios. It can also be used to define talent retention strategies.

Artificial Intelligence In Internal Communication

An interesting way to employ AI in internal communication is to use chatbots. They are a kind of “virtual robots” which simulate human assistance through chats on websites or applications such as WhatsApp. Chatbots are programmed to answer frequently asked questions from users and direct them to human support only if necessary.

In the HR area, they are used to optimize service on the company’s website or even on the intranet and to meet demands via WhatsApp if HR uses this contact channel.

In this way, internal communication between employees and Human Resources will be optimized, and most internal demands can be solved without the intervention of Human Resources professionals, who will have more time to develop other activities in the sector.

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