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How To Use Data Analysis For Marketing In Your Company?

Does your company use data analysis for marketing? If the answer is negative, know that it may be losing ground to competitors due to the digital transformation we live in.

Organizations and digital entrepreneurs must adapt to the data-driven culture to achieve the best possible results in each sector. And it would be the same in the case of the Marketing area.

Marketing is the creative sector of companies, where minds come together to devise strategies to retain more customers, prospect new ones, and positively spread the image in the market.

In the digital world’s changes to market dynamics, making decisions “in the dark” based on guesswork and “feelings” from professionals has become outdated and inefficient.

Today, it is essential to have a data analysis structure for marketing focused on collecting the most relevant and secure information to support the teams’ actions—all this to gain public trust.

How Critical Is Data Analysis For Marketing?

Efficiency. This is the keyword to define the importance of implementing intelligent data analysis for any business that needs to use digital to its advantage.

The Internet, through analytics tools, provides an enormous amount of data which the Marketing areas can consult to improve the performance of their businesses.

Through Big Data technology, companies can remotely consult valuable information about their performance and customer interaction with their brand and even monitor competitors’ performance.

A sophisticated data analysis platform can present numbers and information on dashboards and generate insights that guide decision-makers safely and effectively.

In this way, for the Marketing area, the strategy can be thought out more precisely than it would be done based on guesswork. For example, indicators of ROI, Customer Success, and the company’s profit in general only tend to grow.

Not only is an increase in the effectiveness of the results visible, but also the increase in efficiency in the processes. Data analysis platforms for marketing with intelligence technologies save teams time and money in finding the best solutions to problems.

In addition to software working automatically and faster than humans, the possibilities of errors and rework are reduced, which would cost more time and money.

How Does Data Analysis For Marketing Work?

Data analysis for marketing works through a process divided into steps that help teams optimize their results from the perception of mistakes and successes that occurred in the past.

With the large volume of external and internal data, it is necessary to filter the most relevant information for your business strategy and action plan.

After tracking this data, automation software with intelligence technology acts to identify patterns and bring expected answers intended to guide the Marketing team’s performance.

The indicators and feedback of an intelligent data analysis generate solutions so that your marketing strategies have the best possible results. With practice, you can:

  • monitor the behavioral profile of customers to make compelling offers;
  • trace mistakes and successes of previous strategies;
  • monitoring essential indicators, such as customer success with the brand;
  • monitor the competition;
  • and assess whether the company’s actions align with previously established objectives.

In this way, data analysis for intelligent marketing is essential for reading dashboards and information and offering insights based on objective information.

In Short

Data analysis for marketing, especially with the support of intelligence technologies, is fundamental, right?

Fundamental to remain increasingly competitive in a digital scenario in which we have daily information regarding the market and customers of our companies at our disposal.

In this context, having a data analysis platform for marketing becomes a differential for the growth of any digital business. 

Because with it, it is possible to monitor the performance of your marketing strategies, evaluate the performance of competitors, receive updates on ROI and Customer Success indicators, and thus constantly improve your actions.

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