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IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication): How To Apply It?

Find out what Integrated Marketing Communication is, how to apply it in your company, and the benefits of this model of action.

For the proper functioning of any company, all sectors must be interconnected and well-connected. This way, decisions are taken jointly, and there is no noise in contact. Learn about Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and how this model can help your company’s day-to-day activities.

What Is Integrated Marketing Communications?

Integrated Marketing Communication has some definitions within the market. One of them is that IMC is an action that ensures that the company uses the same tone of voice in all its communications with the target audience.

Another widely used definition is that of Philip Kotler, one of the “fathers” of marketing. Integrated Marketing Communications “approaches the entire marketing process from the recipient’s perspective.”

From this concept, we can conclude that using the IMC is to align the company’s discourse with all its stakeholders; that is, no matter the point of contact, whether it is a customer, employee, or the press, the company must use the same language.

Knowing this definition, let’s see the main benefits of adopting this management format for your company.

What Are The Main Advantages Of IMC?

The use of an IMC strategy brings several benefits, not only for the company but also for its customers. Check out the main ones for each situation.

Benefits Of Integrated Marketing Communication For The Company

  • Cost reduction: the use of an integrated action avoids communication failures, which reduces rework, wrong information, among other situations;
  • Optimization of actions: with everyone aware of the same speech, the service team can solve problems quickly and assertively; the same goes for other areas, such as marketing and sales;
  • Stronger brand: structuring a message demonstrates the unity and organization of the company, which has a single voice aligned with the mission, vision, and values, which improves the image with stakeholders;
  • Internal alignment of teams: all teams speak the same way; in this way, they complement each other, making actions, especially in marketing and communication, much stronger and more assertive;
  • Reduction of tickets: good communication reduces customer doubts, speeding up service and problem-solving.

Customer Benefits Of IMC

  • Troubleshooting: IMC will help solve its customers’ problems at the time of contact and even helps to anticipate any possible service difficulties;
  • Unique information: when accessing social networks, the website, or contacting the attendants, the customer will always find the same data and communications;
  • Better use of data: your customer will receive promotions, messages, and offers based on data, taking into account his likes;
  • Improved customer experience: with better communications, services, and offers, your customer will be more satisfied with your company.

How To Implement And Manage IMC In Practice?

With so many benefits presented, you can already see that the IMC is very valid. So, check out a step-by-step guide to implement it in your company and take advantage of these benefits.

Know Your Audience

It is essential to know your customer. Do market research and understand his thoughts, needs, and interests, among others. Using the data, your IMC will be even more assertive.

Set The Tone And Voice

You already know your audience, right? Now is the time to organize how you will talk to him since talking to young people is different from talking to adults, just as the terms used for talking to lawyers are not the same as talking to economists. 

Define this language well and create a document so everyone knows how the company communicates.

Choose And Integrate Channels

There are many channels, so this definition needs to be done correctly. See which ones best fit the company’s communication proposal, including websites, social networks, blogs, SAC, FAQs, chatbots, etc. In addition to digital channels, think about offline ones, such as billboards, flyers, etc.

Measure The Results

Like any marketing strategy, analyzing data and results is very important. Since it will be possible to evaluate the performance of the work. Furthermore, IMC plans only last for some time, as the market and customers change frequently.

That way, in addition to correctly applying the IMC, you and your team can manage each step in the best possible way.

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