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Unblock IPTorrents | List Of IPTorrents Proxy & Mirror Sites [100% Working In 2022]

Brief Summary On IPTorrents

IPTorrents is regarded as an invite-only site, which means the users who are using this torrents site need to persuade or invite the new users to connect or join as a member as who is accessing the website should invite you to join as a member by letting you log in to the torrent website.

Although, the users should receive membership of the IPTorrents site for logging into the torrent site. IPTorrents is considered one of the best torrent sites with Private Trackers and is also considered the fastest browsing online torrent sites among the other topmost torrent sites available on the internet.

IPTorrents can download files and other content 10 times faster than the remaining websites. The significant feature of IPTorrents is, the users can stream different types of files with good quality. Along with the essential files, you can also download entertainment stuff like blockbuster movies, popular shows, trending web series, Netflix series, online games, music, eBooks, Software apps, etc.

IPTorrents is a standard torrent site favored by most torrent lovers because of its advanced features like versatile content and search functionality. Its unique and smooth interface and the availability of multiple files in the form of magnet links made it the most visited website among its contemporaries.

The content is regularly reviewed and updated by the team of IPTorrents.

IPTorrents and some other pirated websites that provide unofficial stuff have been banned by Internet Service Providers( ISPs). To still browse the torrent site other than blocking up, the users are requested to use a trustworthy VPN ( Virtual Private Network) service or different proxy servers.

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Importance Of Proxy Servers While Accessing The Content On IPTorrents Website

  • The proxy servers are identical websites to the official IPTorrents site. They contain identical data, domains, torrent files and connect with well-defined domains.
  • These proxy servers act as a connecting link between the user and the website.
  • Proxy sites provide a valuable layer of security for your device. They can be set up as web filters or firewalls in protecting your device from internet threats like malware. This extra security is also valuable when coupled with a secure web gateway or other email security products.
  • The main significance of these proxy sites is they hide your current IP address and prevent you from getting tracked by unknown users. Besides, some ISPs and Government authorities also impose restrictions on certain websites.
  • Proxy sites can be used to bypass these restrictions too.
  • Another major significance of using proxy sites is, they make it much more difficult for hackers to get internal addresses and details of a private network.
  • Some proxy servers are a group of applications or servers that block common internet services.

Some Of The Commonly Used Proxy Links To Unblock The IPTorrents Website

The major function of these proxy sites is to unblock the Torrent website from getting blocked by the Internet Service Providers or Government rules. They play a crucial role in unblocking the blocked sites and help the users to access their desired content effortlessly. Some of such proxy links are listed as follows.

  • https://ipt.rock
  • Iptorrents proxy UK
  • Iptorrents unblock proxy
  • torrent. EU
  • ninja web.XYZ
  • US Proxy
  • Unblock Sites. co
  • http://www.unblock
S.noProxy Sites of IPTorrentsSpeedStatus
1unblock.clubVery FastOnline
2iptorrent.usVery FastOnline
3nemo.iptorrent.comVery FastOnline
4iptorrent.meVery FastOnline
5iptorrent.euVery FastOnline
6iptorrent.comVery FastOnline
7US ProxyVery FastOnline

How To Unblock The IPTorrents Site By Using VPN Service?

The majority of the users use the VPN (virtual private network) service to unblock the torrent website. VPN helps in hiding the identity of the users by covering the IP address of the users. Thus, it protects the personal data of the users. There are several VPN services available on the internet. Among them, Nord VPN and Expressvpn have widely used VPN services across the globe. Some VPN links available to unblock the proxy sites are listed below.


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Global Recognition Of IPTorrents Website has a global ranking of 5,350 and ranks the 3,112nd in the USA as per the reports of Gradually the rank has collapsed down by 455 places since three months before. has an estimated net worth of 8,689,797 USD which usually depends on the income-generating generated through the ads. will have about 610,452 unique visitors visiting the website daily. And the web server that is present in the USA has an IP address of

Some Of The Best Alternatives Of IPTorrents Website

IPTorrents is widely used to stream different software apps, music, online games, latest movies, popular shows, etc. Sometimes, the torrent site may get blocked by the ISPs due to copyright issues. In such cases, the users can effortlessly hang on to the alternatives mentioned above to retrieve the content.

  • TV
  • Bibliotik
  • Pass The Popcorn
  • What. CD
  • Bit Me
  • Anime Bytes
  • Redacted


TV is well known as a self-reliant tracker with almost 1,62,000 torrent sites and contains nearly 50,000 users worldwide. TV has a wide range of TV shows arranged in a specific way containing various titles and categories that users can easily search without facing many difficulties.


Bibliotik Site is regarded as one of the most popular torrent websites to provide a wide collection of eBooks. It has 7000 users who browse this site worldwide for accessing content like eBooks with nearly 3,00,000 torrents on its website. It contains a wide collection of eBooks containing different genres presenting niche books.

Pass The Popcorn

Pass The Popcorn is one of the best alternatives to IPTorrents. It offers numerous collections of entertainment stuff like blockbuster movies in different languages, covering almost all the categories, popular TV shows, and music. It provides the video in HD print. It hosts a variety of old classic movies and also movies released worldwide. This site contains nearly 35,000 followers across the globe.


What.CD hasn’t been retrieved for many years after it was created. What.CD is mostly used for downloading music freely from the website. It mostly contains the premium data in its account.

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Bit Me

Bit Me is known as an e-learning tracker that has an extensive collection of e-novels, eBooks, Educational videos, e-learning training, various documentaries like TBS, Discovery, and BBC, Multimedia Production or models, design plugins, fonts or photos, Templates of Web designing, courses and lectures available in College, etc.

Anime Bytes

Anime Bytes is regarded as one more best alternative to IPTorrents, with nearly 141000 torrent sites and 16000 followers worldwide. It has an enormous collection of popular web series, which none of the torrent sites has.


Redacted is another best alternative of IPTorrents, which has more than one million torrent sites and contains nearly 27000 users who visit the website regularly. It is regarded as one of the most incredible trackers with complete music trackers. The redacted website has many albums, music with numerous songs, and total Discographies. Almost all users from all over the world can freely download the music of their choice on this site.

What Are The Legal OTTs Other Than IPTorrents?

Other than the Pirated and troublesome websites, which cause threat at times to the users while accessing the content, we always suggest our users choose legal OTTS, which are safe in terms of the law. Some of such legal websites are listed below for you.

  • Amazon Prime video
  • Netflix
  • Sony Liv
  • Disney Hot star
  • Aha
  • Hulu
  • Ice Movies
  • Zee 5
  • Jio Cinema
  • Yes Movies
  • Sun NXT
  • MX Player

Let’s Conclude

The main purpose is to spread awareness and provide basic information about the IPTorrents Website in all the possible ways we can. ISPs banned IPTorrents for violating the rules of Copyrights, but still, the website is running through its proxy sites. To get a satisfying experience, we suggest our users use a reliable VPN while browsing the website.

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