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Learn How To Advertise Your Business On Mobile

Business on Mobile: The Age of Mobile Technology has arrived with everything. And it’s no wonder: the union of convenience and practicality with the popularization of e-commerce applications has made life easier for consumers.

It is increasingly simple to purchase goods and services via mobile devices. Therefore, your company’s presence on cell phones is now a question of survival.

All companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, can and should invest in mobile internet to gain competitiveness and increase revenue. Mobility can bring new opportunities because it is about transforming the device’s screen into its best showcase.

That’s why we separate valuable tips for your company to have a prominent place on mobile platforms.

Your Business On Mobile

The opportunities are countless. Your business can keep its brand on display 24 hours a day and run mobile marketing campaigns and sell and close deals through your client’s smartphone.

However, the strategies adopted for cell phones are different from the others because of the profile of the search that a different behavior determines the consumer. He makes searches faster and is motivated by wanting to know a commercial establishment or a specific product.

Check out the tips for getting your business on mobile devices:

Mobile Adapted Website

Your company must have a mobile responsive website, that is, that adapts well to different screen sizes. This facilitates customer navigation and ensures access from any device, from a cell phone to a Smart TV.

The site needs a lean layout, especially if it is e-commerce, where you will sell your products. The idea is not to leave the small buttons and insert icons that facilitate navigation, such as the “click to call,” which makes a call when activated.

Avoid overloading the site with images. This can reduce speed, increase data consumption and confuse the customer. The content should be very direct, focusing on your business’s essential information and functions.

Show Up And Sell

Google Adwords is a tool that connects your products or services to Google search results. When a customer does a mobile search related to your product or service and location, your business ad will appear in the search result.

Customers are looking for information and want to buy and be served immediately when they look for products or services on their cell phones. It is recommended that your business advertisements feature buttons such as “call now” or “book now.”

Get Found Easily

Virtually all cell phones have map apps. Your company must be in all apps, such as Google Maps or Waze.

Through these maps, consumers discover the developments in the region where they are located and consult the evaluations given by customers about each of them.

Take care, once found, to provide important information to your customers, such as the type of product or service, photos of the establishment, price range, and opening hours.

Connect With Your Customers

Consumers are increasingly accessing social media via mobile phones. This is an important opportunity for your company to gain visibility and capture new customers.

Look at the profile of your target audience, and find out which social network they use:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. Then produce relevant content for him.

Sponsored links are also a good alternative to expand your presence on social networks. Your company can map the most potential users and target ads to each segment.

Bonus Tips

Check out the best initiatives for mobile marketing:

  • Give information on how to reach you (location, address, phone number).
  • Offer mobile discounts for in-store purchases.
  • Highlight the registration field to turn your visitors into Leads.
  • Ensure a layout that makes life easier for the customer.
  • Avoid flash content, buttons, and very small icons that are difficult to click.
  • Make the site readable when the user accesses it without using Zoom.
  • Reduce the number of clicks required to act.

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