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SAC 2.0: What It Is, How It Works And How To Apply It

SAC is the acronym used for Customer Service. In companies where the customer is a priority, employees and even entire departments are dedicated to customer satisfaction with the service.

Even so, the acronym SAC has been greatly increased lately. After all, have you ever heard of SAC 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0? If not, continue reading as we explain.

What Is It?

The conventional SAC is very useful and usually meets the expectations of many consumers. However, many customers have become increasingly selective with customer service, especially with recent technological advances. 

Therefore, companies must start to increasingly improve the support offered to those who use their services and start to incorporate what we call SAC 2.0. This modality consists of using social networks and other digital channels to serve customers well.

In addition, features such as service via chatbots, support pages or the possibility of self-service are also used. After all, in SAC 2.0, the important thing is to serve the customer in an agile way and assertively and resolutely!

Advantages Of SAC 2.0

Among the advantages of SAC 2.0, we can mention the one you already imagine heading the list: agility! You can reach your customers faster by being present – ​​and prepared – to deal with customers through digital channels.

Imagine receiving a complaint via WhatsApp or chat: the message will reach you on time. This facilitates a more resolute communication that aims to quickly solve the user’s difficulties, preventing him from getting stressed and the problem from taking on greater proportions.

In addition, this type of interaction via digital channels or social networks makes you well-seen publicly! After all, who doesn’t like a brand that is friendly, helpful and close to its audience?

How To Apply?

To apply good service via digital channels, it is necessary to have planning and also a strategy. After all, despite being an accessible resource, it requires direction and dedication. So, observe and map out who your audience is! Which social networks or digital channels does he prefer to be on? Does he like interacting more through text, video, audio or stickers? Is there room for informal language, use of memes and more?

Also, if you want to be present as long as possible to talk to consumers, consider investing in chatbots and digital customer service solutions, so your customer will be welcomed even when you are offline. 

Examples Of SAC 2.0

How about an example of companies with significant notoriety that provide a very committed and friendly service via social networks and digital channels? Among them, we can mention Nubank and Netflix.

You’ve probably seen the digital channels of these two companies using relaxed language and very close to the audience you want to reach, haven’t you? This means that these brands are seen by their consumers and potential customers as trustworthy, friendly and communicative. Captivating, isn’t it?

What Is The Difference Between SAC 2.0, 3.0 And 4.0?

Now that you know what a SAC is and why it is so important, it’s interesting to know the types of SAC! Traditional Customer Service is done over the phone, usually through a number with the “0800” prefix. However, SAC 2.0 arrives in a more modern, bold version with the help of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or others. This service on networks usually relies on tools for automated communication via chatbots.

Furthermore, we can mention SAC 3.0. Here, the focus is still on serving the customer through a wide range of channels, whether by phone, email, in person or virtually – through social networks. However, the focus in SAC 3.0 is to provide the customer with a highly integrated experience that he feels well attended to in all available channels, with personalized treatment. 

Regarding SAC 4.0, it is as if 3.0 were even more integrated, agile and personalized. At this level of service, it is essential to ensure that customers are completely satisfied!

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