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Software Evaluation – What Is Important

The implementation of business software evaluation requires organizational changes. Various processes were redesigned at the manufacturers. Thanks to general process orientation, everyone involved knew what was important in the software evaluation.

The management of the particular machine manufacturer places great value on providing comprehensive customer support throughout the project. In other words, from the project planning phase to assembly and through to the handling of after-sales. All machines, systems and vehicles manufactured are unique.

Software Evaluation – Ready For Organizational Changes

When fulfilling individual customer requests, those responsible were increasingly faced with the problem of maintaining an overview of the overall capacity utilization, the cost development and the progress of the individual projects. One of the main reasons for this was a lack of support in the software evaluation. An outdated ERP system was in use that did not fit the make-to-order manufacturer and had therefore been continuously adapted and ‘bent’ over time. In addition, various isolated solutions made the flow of data more difficult. To bring significantly more transparency into the processes, the company management decided to tackle the selection of a new ERP system.

At the top of the list of requirements was the consistency of the system, including time recording and accounting. Another essential requirement was a seamlessly functioning interface to the CAD or PDM system. As a result, critical value-added processes such as design, procurement, and production occur in parallel with one another. The procurement and manufacturing processes start while product development is still in full swing.

General Process Orientation Clarifies What Is Essential In Software Evaluation

Those responsible for the project were aware that the implementation of company-wide business software would require organizational changes. An external management consultant should evaluate the plant manufacturer’s processes to avoid aligning the software selection with the previous organizational structure. Various processes were redesigned as a result. Thanks to this general process orientation, everyone involved knew what was important in the software evaluation.

It was shown relatively quickly that generalist solutions without a focus on batch size were suitable due to a lack of functionality. After a few specialized providers had presented their solutions, the most significant matches were found at amps. Solution. Based on the suggestions of the key users, their consultants carried out a business process modelling, at which point the key users checked the processes in the test system and quickly gave the green light.

The introduction worked without any problems, as the industry software standard was adopted entirely except for an adjustment. Staying so close to the standard offers the advantage of an uncomplicated release change and requires the willingness to make organizational changes. Purchasing an ERP project manager Sascha Marcher says: “After the intensive discussions with the provider, it was clear to us that, thanks to decades of project experience, they knew exactly how a standard process in contract manufacturing should work. We used that as a guide, which worked very well and worked much more productively today. “

Sales Growth Of 15 Percent Thanks To New Industry Software

An example: The production department received a parts list from the design department, checked this list and passed the information on to purchase on paper. The information on the slip was entered into the system, and order was generated from it. Today, however, the design department creates a parts list in arms. ERP and releases it electronically. The production manager has the parts list directly on his computer and uses it to generate the production requirements, which are forwarded by the system to purchasing, where orders are placed. “This paperless and transparent process in a consistent system prevents transmission and writing errors. This has significantly reduced throughput times and costs,” .

To illustrate the increase in efficiency through the use of the industry software, it is worth looking at the purchasing volume of more than seven million euros, which only two employees manage. The software provides the necessary flexibility in the design of the construction processes, especially when dealing with parts lists, and also provides tried and tested standard processes.

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