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Tips And Apps For Trello; How To Organize Your Work Easily

Apps for Trello: Trello is a workflow service created to organize everything from simple tasks that involve one person to large work processes which rely on the collaboration of a huge group of professionals.

Free but also available on subscription plans, Trello is ubiquitous, with versions for multiple platforms and devices. Below, you’ll find tips that will make your life easier when using the famous service for organizing the day-to-day activities of large companies such as Adobe, The New York Times and even the workflow of large teams. From Google.

Trello For Chrome

Trello has an extension for Chrome that allows you to access your boards and search within them using your browser’s address bar. To do this, the user needs to have the extension installed and type “t” without quotes, followed by a space, to start searching Trello from Chrome.

Another advantage of this extension is adding cards to your boards from Internet sites. Just access the desired page and click on the Chrome extension button. A box will open where it will be possible to configure the sending of the new card to a board.

Trello For Firefox

Unlike Chrome, Firefox does not have an exclusive and official extension. But that shouldn’t put off users of that browser because there are a lot of tools available for Trello in the official plugin store for Firefox.

Also called “Integrations,” something we’ll get to later on, these extensions are developed by third parties that enhance Trello’s capabilities. There is, for example, Trello Card Numbers, which determines numbers for each card to make life easier for those who work with many cards.

Trello Web

Anyone who isn’t a big fan of Chrome and Firefox isn’t helpless, as the Trello web app is optimized to run on Safari and Internet Explorer. While it doesn’t currently support Microsoft Edge, the tool also works correctly on Microsoft’s new browser.

Through Trello Web, users can access all the features for organizing boards, creating cards and dividing tasks in Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire versions. Even without installation, the tool can be accessed in the latest Windows Phone 8, Android and iOS (iPhone) browsers.

Android Trello

On Google’s operating system, it is possible to install the official application of the tool for free.

In the app, all the features available in the web versions of Trello are accessible: creating cards, and boards, moving cards by lists, inviting new members, and so on. ‘The only restriction is using Integrations and Power Ups that depend on the Internet browser.

Trello iOS

Like on Android, Trello on iPhone allows users to see a complete board and their tasks, creating new cards and boards and inviting new members.

Trello Kindle Fire

Trello also has an edition for the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s tablet that runs a modified version of Android. Like other platforms, the application is free and allows extensive user control over boards and cards.

Invitation Links

With Trello, you can organize your life individually or apply the tool to your work routine. For this, you can invite your colleagues to new boards and cards.

You can enter the email of the person you want to invite in the “Add Members” option. Another option is to use the shareable link: anyone who receives this link can access the board.


Power Ups function as a bridge to other Internet services. There is integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, Hangouts, Evernote, and Survey Monkey, among others.

The open possibilities are quite varied and make using Trello for many people even easier. The only factor that can limit the use of these tools is that most of them can only be connected to Trello Business, a version that costs US$ 8.33 (R$ 30) per month.

Custom Background

Available in the paid Business and Gold versions of Trello, the feature allows your boards to gain a greater level of customization thanks to the possibility of changing the background to a photo, for example.

Non-subscribers can change the color applied to Trello. There are nine different colors to choose from.


In Trello, stickers are a cool way to mark cards with signs to get the attention of board participants. You can flag attention, keep the card complete, and more.

Users who subscribe to Trello’s paid modes also can customize this feature by using their custom stickers.

Trello Integrations

Working in a very similar way to Power Ups, Integrations are platforms that allow Trello-compatible tools to improve productivity, increase efficiency or employ new features to visualize tasks being performed.

To avoid confusion, understand these integrations as plugins and add-ons for Trello along the lines of those you use in Internet browsers as installed extensions.

There are shortcuts like Gomella for Trello, which allows you to convert emails into cards with a few clicks. Scrum records time spent and estimates derived from that number on each card. Or Trello External View allows you to view Trello boards in a new borderless browser window, turning Trello almost into a desktop app with the same look as the installed programs.

Drag And Drop

An easy way to add attachments to cards is using drag and drop. You can select many files, drag them into Trello, and drop them onto a card. Automatically, these files will be attached to your card.

The drag-and-drop mechanic can also assign team members to a card, drag it between your lists, and even arrange their order.

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