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Top 10 Asana Alternatives For Project Management

Asana Alternatives: The act of managing projects goes far beyond keeping the agenda organized. After all, it is through such management that companies can keep tasks aligned and being carried out – aiming to reach their final objectives with leveraged results and productivity.

Although Asana is one of the most common solutions in project management, market competition has led to the emergence of alternatives capable of winning over different types of users. Below, we have brought a selection of the best for you to check out. Come on?   


We know that Asana can excel in project management solutions. But, without a doubt, among the alternatives to Asana, we find an even more complete interface (especially in collaborative terms): Bitrix24.  

Through it, in a single intelligent environment, teams can control tasks (through lists and dependencies), generate intelligent reports, manage resources and calendars and explore a series of special functions within project management. These include Gantt charts, Kanban boards, workload monitoring, file sharing, template creation, and task automation. 

The collaborative issue is a vital element for Bitrix24 to be part of this list and is considered one of the best. In addition to including several channels for project communication to flow in real-time or asynchronously, Bitrix24 even has a collaborative social network.

Compared to Asana tools, Bitrix24 also becomes more affordable due to its pricing. The paid plans (Basic, Standard, and Professional) are charged in realis, generating substantial cost savings for companies. Also, there is a Free plan (completely free) that can be used by individuals or small teams when managing their projects.


Among the alternatives to Asana, we come across Redbooth. This program was created to help teams complete projects more straightforwardly and faster, including task management features and communication channels.

Through Redbooth, project management can be easily performed, even on mobile devices via Android and iOS apps (available on Google Play and Apple Store, respectively).

Despite being an exciting option, mainly due to the visual richness of its functionalities, most operations in Redbooth need to be carried out in English.

Work Zone

Everything essential to manage projects! Warzone is another project management software that could be included in our list. This award-winning platform focuses on completing projects on time, covering functions such as document organization, calendaring, reporting, ordering, and viewing tasks and progress.


When it comes to task and project management, Basecamp emerges as quite the solution! Like Asana, it includes file storage, activity scheduling, to-do lists, and live chat.

All of Basecamp’s dynamics can be very well used by remote teams, as this is one of the main focuses of the solution. But the big difference is that, despite being made in dollars, the charges do not involve user or project limits – with fixed monthly fees.

Adobe Workfront

Adobe is a reference in programs for individuals and entire corporations. The project management business also offers a very robust solution that competes head-to-head with Asana: Adobe Workfront.

This product aims to connect a company’s workflows in just one place. You can organize complete projects around milestones, align goals with tasks, monitor real-time progress, and much more.

Some tools help manage costs and allow all staff to communicate, which is undoubtedly true. Pricing for such Adobe Experience Cloud software is not publicly available, but you can request a demo and quote privately – via the website.


Wrike is a project management interface indicated as one of the main alternatives to Asana. The reason? This is because it allows you to monitor the project’s progress broadly, looking at the individual level and the entire team.

Depending on the size of the team and given the devaluation of the real against the dollar, it may be necessary to rethink its implementation – even though it is one of the most pleasant alternatives to Asana to explore.


Trello is one of the most modern project management solutions through digital boards. Through a single Kanban-style dashboard, teams can link to files, add comments, attach photos, schedule deliverables, and define details for project tasks.

Because it allows multiple emphases of work to be evident, it stands out as one of the top alternatives to Asana. However, one point should go into your analysis – which we will discuss below.

Although Trello is an exciting tool, you must pay attention to its learning curve. Because to use the best of its functionalities and uniquely customize work frames, it is necessary to invest a great deal of time studying it. For teams looking for more practical solutions, exploring the alternatives to Asana that we’ve mentioned in this guide might be best.

Another detail is this: it will be great for Kanban approaches but could be better if you deal with features like Gantt charts. So consider this when deciding which interface is most viable for you.

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