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Types Of Automation And Update Your Company

Several types of automation facilitate the administrative management of a company. Tasks previously performed by legions of employees can now be done by a few professionals, with simple touches on the keyboard of business computers or even without anyone.

Technology in the sector advances quickly, to the point that today, there are solutions for the most diverse tasks of micro-enterprises and even large businesses. We’ve gathered some examples of effective corporate automation to help you select a few options among the many possibilities.

Types Of Sales Automation

One of the biggest challenges in business is finding quality salespeople who don’t command high salaries or require large commissions. Training entry-level salespeople can get results, but it takes time and money.

With automation, you can automate the entire process or just part of the sales plans, generating savings and achieving excellent performance. Some technological solutions for the sales area will be demonstrated below:

Field Sales

Customer data is gathered in a system and used by salespeople to contact leads remotely. A salesperson can hold approximately five face-to-face meetings with customers in a day. It is now possible to have a considerably larger number of sessions online.

This process requires human interaction, although much of the communication is automated.

High Touch

In types of automation such as SaaS, the online seller performs deeper interactions with potential customers on specific platforms. By interacting with experts and gaining confidence, a consumer is more likely to purchase.

Low Touch

There is little human interaction. The process is automated, except at the final moment of purchase, in case customers clarify doubts with human attendants.

It’s more or less like a supermarket, where consumers place products in the cart and only have human contact with the cashier.


Online stores are famous examples of the model where customers buy without interacting with people.

It is necessary to invest in an infrastructure that is robust and intelligent enough to reach the point of providing automatic responses in a customer service chat.

Automation In The Relationship With The Customer

Your company can have a lot to gain from the various types of automation. A service with high degrees of personalization is what you need to compete for the top position in the market. The different types of automation that can manage your company’s relationships with customers are called CRM and are available in free or paid mode.

When using a CRM application, you have access to data on the entire history of interactions with each lead. It also provides other extra information such as Contact ideas, preferences, and bonuses, among other contents that help your management to outline powerful sales strategies for customer loyalty.

Automated Marketing

The internet boom generated several changes in society’s customs, including the way of advertising.

Online marketing applications have a structure capable of using possible negotiations to generate new ways of interacting in the search for converting contacts into sales.

Several tools for different types of marketing automation are available on the market, and they work effectively in various activities, such as landing pages, forms, social networks, and email marketing, among other resources.

API For Notes

You can optimize countless processes with an Application Programming Interface (API). A good example is the automation of electronic invoices, which can generate extra time for managers who also take care of other functions in the office.

The more dedicated the system, the better the possibilities for task integration. However, in some work environments, you do not need to invest in advanced solutions, so analyze your team’s needs before hiring a service.

Contracts Of The Most Different Types

A company may have to develop several contracts for multiple reasons, from supplying products or services to labor issues, thus ensuring the legality of all parties involved in the agreements.

A system for automating contracts can generate documents and perform other tasks: Printing, archiving, expiration dates, deletions, advances, and delays, among other functions that facilitate management.

Automated Proposals

If you have experience in office work activities, you must have already had a similar experience: typing all commercial proposals into a spreadsheet or text program. However, customers increased significantly over time, and the information became too heavy for corporate computers.

However, there are online automation types aimed at automating proposals, allowing your company’s machines to be less overloaded. In addition to facilitating storage, such systems also provide tools to retrieve information.

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