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What Are The Advantages Of Individual Marketing?

Individual Marketing: Strategy is a powerful ally in increasing sales volume. However, more than selling in bulk, one-to-one marketing aims to establish an intimate relationship with the customer to build loyalty. See below the main benefits of investing in this method!

Helps To Understand Customer Behavior Better

Understanding consumers’ wants and needs is the foundation of one-to-one marketing. After all, delivering good products without knowing the customer’s pain is impossible.

Whenever a person contacts your company, you can interact and learn more about them. This dialog allows the storage of essential data to create personalized campaigns and even predict changes in behavior.

With the digitization of the customer journey, this data can also be obtained indirectly. Just follow the participation in forums about purchased products or services, quality surveys, and even posts, likes, comments, and check-ins on social networks.

Furthermore, this method facilitates feedback collection and generates strategic knowledge for the company. This is because the information obtained may show defects in products or services and point out the weak points of the brand. These inputs are essential for continuous improvement, also facilitating crisis management.

Help With Customer Segmentation

In marketing, segmentation means dividing customers into groups according to similar characteristics, such as:

  • the region where you live;
  • profession;
  • Lifestyle; 
  • consumption preferences.

Therefore, the more detailed the consumer data is, the more specific the segmentation will be. In this way, reaching very particular niches and optimizing campaigns is possible.

Enables CAC Reduction

The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is an indicator that measures the investment used to attract potential buyers and turn them into effective consumers. The more widespread the campaign, the higher the CAC and the lower the chances of conversion.

However, in one-to-one marketing, all the knowledge acquired about the customer’s habits makes it possible to create more accurate campaigns in synergy with the consumer’s interests.

Allows You To Send Personalized Messages

Packing a customer’s email with standardized promotional messages is not a feature of one-on-one marketing. The strategy’s big draw is to shoot nominal and customized content according to the client’s personality.

Imagine an e-commerce company that sells hair cosmetics, for example. It doesn’t seem sensible to send offers for specific products to treat blonde hair to a person with black hair who has never even bleached them.

It is in this sense that customization is relevant. In addition to adapting the offers according to each person, it is essential to adapt the language and identify the preferred communication channels for different profiles.

But it is important not to focus the strategy only on purely commercial offers. The idea is to invest in tips, relevant content, and personalized materials aligned with customers’ interests to help them on their purchase journey.

Strengthens The Relationship With The Consumer

All the conveniences and individualized actions provided by one-to-one marketing generate closeness with the customer. The relationship is transformed into something akin to friendship.

The customer creates ties with the company because it understands their pain, helping at the right times and still offering humanized and unique assistance. Hard not to fall in love.

Although the digital medium plays a prominent role in the tactic, the ideal is to integrate online and offline actions in a  360-degree marketing approach. In this way, the relationship is uniform and of quality in any means of interaction.

Favors The Upsell

Upsell is a sales technique to encourage customers to upgrade the service or product they already have or to buy a better — and more expensive — item than they initially thought.

When you know your target well, offering exactly what they need and exceeding their expectations is easier. Thus, the company manages to increase the average ticket of each consumer.

For example, a customer has a mobile phone plan. When analyzing the consumption history, the operator identifies that the internet package always ends in the middle of the month. Therefore, it offers an option more suited to the buyer’s demand.

However, this strategy will only be successful if the relationship is based on trust and honesty. Therefore, the offer must be advantageous for the customer, add value, and meet his consumption desires.

Finally, the benefits of one-to-one marketing go beyond the competitive edge and increased sales. The demand for unique services continues to grow, and keeping up with this movement is a matter of survival.

However, it is only possible to implement the strategy with fundamental technologies to extract and interpret data about consumer behavior. Below you will see the most relevant features.

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