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What Budget Do You Expect For Your Computer Hardware?

What is the right price for a computer and its accessories?

Whether for a computer or a complete device, budget is often a consumer’s number one priority. Additionally, most users say they have a budget in mind before heading to the store to shop on their computer.

The advantage of IT tools is that they offer very diverse ranges, from the most affordable to the highest. But what is the budget to spend on computer equipment? It all depends on the use and also the quality of the equipment sought.

Another point is to understand that values ​​vary based on several criteria, especially the condition of use: new, used and refurbished (refurbished). To do this, be sure to check the origin of the seller to avoid losing money!

From there, the budget may vary between R$800 and R$8000. In fact, for the most part, the saying that “the sky’s the limit” is valid, as you can customize it however you want.

Before talking about pricing, you must define and determine your needs, whether personal or professional:

  • Conduct remote research,
  • Liven up your commercial activity
  • Use social networks,
  • Pursue your passions, such as gaming,
  • Use the basic functions of a computer, such as word processing,
  • Equip your employees and give the company more added value.

To do this, it is essential to compare models, rates and opportunities online. Some brands or stores offer promotional offers, for example, the purchase of complete computer equipment with software or Office packages already included.

And you, how many euros do you spend on average purchasing and maintaining your computer equipment.

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How Do You Choose Between A Desktop PC And A Laptop?

Professional or private, the question of Laptop PC and desktop PC is always part of the discussion.

We often wonder which hardware to choose, but the most important thing to start with is which format to choose. In fact, the war between desktops and mobile computers is still raging. With a significant increase in notebook sales and a decline in stationary computer sales in recent years, the mobility trend is even more confirmed.

However, each of these devices has its advantages and disadvantages. Desktop computers are scalable and flexible and can adapt to many situations. The desktop is best suited for online gaming. Furthermore, depending on your needs, there are several variants of desktop PCs:

  • Mini PCs, which are very suitable for basic use such as surfing the internet and blend very well into the living room aesthetically,
  • Comprehensive computers, which include a large number of peripherals and equipment,
  • All-in-one computers offer significant space savings with innovative features such as a touch screen or integrated Bluetooth keyboard.

On the portable side, more investments are needed, both in the purchase price and maintenance, as well as in the electricity bill. With greater autonomy, laptops are relatively easy to use, simple to transport and generally very light (just 940 grams for a Macbook Air!). Some of the best laptops you can look for:

  • MacBook Pro,
  • Surface Pro,
  • Lenovo Thinkpad,
  • Chromebooks,
  • Acer Predator,
  • Lenovo Yoga,
  • Asus Transformer.

Before choosing between fixed and portable, ask the following questions about what you are looking for:

  • Basic functions, whether word processing
  • Software processing, with photo editing or video editing,
  • For gaming, it is best to have a computer with great responsiveness, thanks to an Intel Core processor, for example
  • Professional functions, buying a multitasking computer.

To make the right choice, compare offers and see refurbished or used computers to make a purchase with the best quality/price ratio!

Buying your computer hardware requires thinking about your needs. If you need an update or improvement in the use of your tools, how about taking Porto IT courses with Superpower.

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