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What Is A URL? Optimize Your Web Page Addresses

What does URL mean? Here’s another acronym to learn! I will explain a URL and why it is essential in this article.

  • Stands for Uniform Resource Locator.
  • It is a sequence of characters that uniquely identifies the address of a web page.
  • Allows Google (but also people) to find a particular resource quickly.

Stop Words? No, Thank You

However, we have a somewhat “long-winded” URL in the second case. You must avoid stopwords and generic words to optimize a web address. Using only the specific terms that best define the page’s content is better. For completeness, I’ll tell you: stopwords are prepositions (di, a, da, in, con, su, per, fra, tra), definite and indefinite articles, or, in any case, all those words you could use regardless of the context. Now-I’ll-explain-to-you-what-a-url is. The only word that defines the context and specifies the topic is URL. The URL itself contains:

  • The protocol’s name to access the resource (for example, http or https).
  • The domain name that identifies a specific site on the Internet (such as www.oneminutesite.it)
  • The slug, i.e., everything that follows the domain. In the article you are reading, the slug is /url/.

Why Is The URL Address Of A Web Page Meaningful?

The URL address of a web page is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization and usability. It influences:

  • Positioning: if users use these to find a particular product or service online, putting specific keywords in the URL address is one of the best ways to see a particular page.
  • The click-through rate: users consider a readable URL more reliable and are more likely to visit the site.
  • Usability: If you understand from the URL what the site is about, the user already knows whether he is interested.

The Importance Of Having Your Domain

A personal and, therefore, top-level domain gives the user numerous advantages. A web space with a URL composed as follows: www.google.in is undoubtedly a winning element on multiple fronts. From the customer’s disability. Having a domain name that is different from the brand name can confuse the customer and make them doubt the authenticity of that web space. For SEO, a well-structured URL will help improve search engine rankings. Furthermore, all search engines rank sites with their own domains better. The extension is also essential, and the One Minute Site allows you to choose the most suitable one for your website between:.it,.eu, .net, .org and .com.

The Importance Of Inserting Keywords In The Domain

As we mentioned, a web address must contain words that explain the page’s topic. By doing so, provided that the contents of your web pages are coherent and rich in content relating to the primary matter, you will be able to obtain better positioning on Google compared to competitors who have yet to pay attention to this aspect. Search engines also understand what the theme of your site is through the addresses of your web pages.

Stop Words And Surroundings

The most common CMS (including WordPress but also One Minute Site) automatically writes the addresses of your pages, including every term you write in the title. This is done to ensure semantic consistency, even for the less experienced user. Yet, know that you can manually change the slug before publishing a page. Google reads up to 4 or 5 terms contained in the URL of a page. So, if I wrote a 150-character headline, I would probably have a web page address that was impossible to remember.

This is why you need to optimize the addresses of your pages and make them speak for themselves. That is, they must uniquely describe the content of the page. Avoid including prepositions and articles. These words, which are not specific terms but can be generally associated with any context, are called stop words. Most stop words have no particular meaning if isolated from context; therefore, they are ignored by search engines.

Optimize Your Web Addresses

Now that you know how important it is to choose the correct URL and have a personalized domain, what are you waiting for? The next step is to try! On One Minute Site, managing the addresses of your site’s pages is simple and fast. You can rename each page simply by clicking on the three dots next to each page. And then you have a whole set of SEO tools, thanks to which optimizing your site will be child’s play.

Create your site now, but remember that if you want an effective site, switch to the professional version to have a top-level domain and many features (a marketing kit, e-commerce, integrations with Facebook, and the main social networks). If you subscribe, you will also access our academy, a path designed for those who want to climb the SERPs and gain relevance in your market niche.

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