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What Is remarketing On Facebook

How to remarket on Facebook, do you know? Imagine a highly effective targeted advertising strategy that costs little to your pocket, given the number of people you reach. This is the reality of a remarketing campaign!

Every customer deserves a second chance, especially those who have abandoned their shopping cart on your website.

But for them to come back at some point, you need to catch that user’s attention with something that reminds them of your brand, and it needs to be a positive experience.

And remarketing is an excellent option for that. Want to know how? Then read what we have prepared for you in this content!

First Of All: What Is Facebook Remarketing?

You must have already gone through something similar to what we discussed in the following few lines.

There you were, browsing the internet in search of a new smartphone to compare the models, the advantage of each one, cost-effectiveness, and other information.

The next day, you decided to log into Facebook on your computer, and right away, there was an ad for smartphones similar to the ones you previously searched on the web.

Later, when accessing his Facebook through a mobile device application, he saw that smartphone ads appeared to brighten his day there as well.

The incredible thing about it is that after a few days, these ads remained on your Facebook until they were replaced by other products or services you searched for on the internet.

It sounds like a chase. Or magic, who knows? Or is your computer and cell phone listening to what you are saying?! Don’t worry; none of these previous questions need to concern you. This is nothing more than a marketing strategy known as remarketing.

Remarketing is a Digital Marketing strategy that is becoming very popular among companies. It is considered a form of targeted advertising for users who contact your organization’s website pages but do not close deals or make purchases, regardless of the reason.

To change this scenario, companies collect information made available by Facebook, for example, and carry out an incredible remarketing campaign.

In other words, yes, this could be the successful strategy that your company needed to invest in.

How Does Remarketing On Facebook Work?

To effectively run a Facebook remarketing campaign, you need to know how this form of targeted advertising works.

It’s funny to note that many people are scared by how the world’s largest social network manages to know what you are looking for on the internet.

But for that to happen, you have to go through a straightforward process that goes like this:

  1. The user accesses your company’s website;
  2. The pages visited by the user are recorded by the Facebook pixel ;
  3. The social network shows ads to the user as soon as he accesses Facebook;
  4. The user, intrigued by the ad, clicks, and returns to the company’s website.

Ah, so it’s the pixel that connects my visits to the site and the ads that appear! The answer is yes!! But what is this pixel anyway?

The Facebook pixel is also known as the “code snippet.” It is usually generated by the Facebook ad platform and inserted into your company’s website.

With this code snippet, Facebook can discover all user actions on your site, as well as monitor all of them. Some examples are: clicking on a product or service, abandoning the shopping cart, etc.

That’s because, based on all these actions, Facebook can measure the efficiency of ads on the platform and find out how many people reached and made a purchase.

If you want to know what should be published on social networks, first, you need to define your goals and objectives, as we mentioned in the first tip of the previous topic.

Many companies want to generate more leads – potential customers for their products or services – and they focus on a strategy to reach more people interested in the brand.

In this case, an excellent choice would be to publish content from the company’s corporate blog or even rich materials, which are dense content on a particular subject.

In addition to these posts, it is also possible to focus on publications that are not linked to the content, such as institutional videos and posts about commemorative dates and events.

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