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5 Analysis Tools For Product Managers

Analysis tools: In the era of customer-centric businesses and products, in which experience and delivering value to the user are fundamental, one of the fastest growing positions in the market today is that of Product Manager.

This is because this professional will be responsible for the entire process, which goes from development to delivery of a product – be it physical or digital.

But to build products that deliver even more value to the organization and the customer, it is necessary to have a strategy and a range of analytical tools that allow the Product Manager to focus on what matters.

With so many options on the market, it isn’t easy to know which programs can help the product manager the most.

See 5 Analysis Tools For Product Managers


Despite already being known among analytics specialists, Mixpanel is a tool that is still little used. However, the analysis platform is an excellent ally for Product Managers worldwide, making their work much more manageable.

The big difference between other analysis options is tracking user interactions on a given website or application, providing more complete information and allowing segmented actions.

With personalized dashboards, Mixpanel also provides segmentation and funnel creation features for each type of user and tools for A/B testing and creating survey forms.

Google Analytics

The most famous analysis tool in the world is also indispensable for product managers – and for many other professionals who work in the digital environment.

In addition to tracking traffic and visitor behavior on a website, Google Analytics provides a series of data that allows you to perform various analyses.

A tip for Product Managers is to use GA to understand what the user is doing and is not doing.

If there is a page or resource on the website or application that visitors cannot access, for example, you need to understand what the problem is and whether it is worth maintaining.


Profit Well is a data-based SaaS subscription tool ideal for digital products or companies based on the subscription model.

If the product manager focuses on subscription models, the software will be essential for knowing whether the product is doing well facilitating analysis with exclusive reports.

With the help of Profit Well, it is possible to optimize product prices and actions with your audience, allowing for faster and more strategic revenue growth.

The ProfitWell Metrics plan is free and can be complemented by tools with prices that vary according to the needs and size of each business.


One of the most famous SaaS analysis tools on the market, Baremetrics also focuses on businesses based on the subscription model.

With a complete general dashboard presenting essential metrics for subscription products, such as recurring revenue, execution rate and refunds, the software offers detailed information on each type of operation.

The tool also shows the behavior and profile of each customer, allowing you to know how the user interacts with your products, in addition to presenting forecasts such as the future number of customers, recurring revenue and estimated cash flow for the following year.


That’s right, Excel continues to be a great analysis tool for many professionals, including product managers!

It often happens that, even when using other analysis tools, professionals prefer Excel to organize the raw data and carry out a more focused and personalized analysis.

To do this, however, you need to have some knowledge of the Microsoft tool, which provides hundreds of useful functions for data analysis.

Even so, the possibilities are endless and do not need to be complicated to provide the professional with fundamental insights relatively quickly and cheaply.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, several tools on the market can make the Product Manager’s work easier. The tip is to test to find out which ones best fit the needs and, of course, each company’s budget.

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