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Inside Sales: What It Is And How Your Company Can Join

Inside Sales allow the sales team to convert customers without having to leave the company and can bring great results by combining convenience with technology.

With the digitization of our consumption habits and business environments, more and more professions are adapting to the remote work method. This is true for many sales teams whose companies have already made Inside Sales a reality.

A commercial structure that enhances the results of the sales team without using external resources (such as employee displacement), the internal sales process is an increasingly common reality. Therefore, several companies are modernizing their work methods and aiming to increase the productivity of their employees.

And when it comes to Inside Sales, it is worth highlighting the essential role of technology and work tools in implementing this structure. After all, they are technological resources and digital tools that help entire teams to be able to work only through the computer. Thus, carrying out approaches and building relationships with customers from within the company. 

Therefore, in this article, we have separated everything you need to understand to implement this strategy in your company, such as advantages, tools and practical tips on applying Inside Sales in your day-to-day business. Let’s go.

What Is Inside Sales?

Inside Sales means closing sales with customers from within the company via email, telephone or videoconferences. This eliminates the need for the sales team to travel in person to potential customers to close the deal. Translated from English, Inside Sales means “internal sales” and is a flexible and very efficient sales methodology.

This model is a counterpoint to Field Sales, or field sales, which consists of the work method that takes the seller in person to meet potential customers, present proposals, make offers and close deals in person.

To implement this sales method in a company, you must consider tools and work routines and strategically assess whether this can benefit your business conversions. How to do Inside Sales in my company? But believe me: brands that are fans of Inside Sales usually see an increase in results, customers and the productivity of their employees. After all, it is a methodology that offers several advantages. Check out some below.

Three Advantages That Inside Sales Can Bring To The Business

Cost Reduction

Companies that deal with commercial operations know that getting your team into the field is often laborious and costly. Scheduling accommodation for employees, organizing transport, face-to-face follow-up meetings, matching the scale and agenda of all salespeople with their respective customers… The concerns are numerous and varied.

And that’s where Inside or internal sales come in as a great advantage. With a well-structured internal work process for the sales team, generating conversions and building relationships with customers from within your company without the need for displacement and personal contact is possible.

Modernization Of Processes And Implementation Of More Efficient Structures

In an Inside Sales operation, sellers work from within the company’s headquarters in a controlled manner, using spaces, equipment and tools provided by the company. Thus, money is avoided with other workflows, employees’ time, and the work structure can be more modern and organized.

Considering that for this company, it makes more sense to optimize an Inside Sales team than a Field Sales one, it is possible to implement this work structure to optimize the strategy of that business. More direction, more modernity, more efficiency!

Productivity Increase

Avoiding variables common to salespeople who go to the field, such as travel time, transit, adaptation between places and needs for personal meetings, it is also common to observe an increase in the productivity of employees working in Inside Sales.

After all, who doesn’t like to optimize routines and reduce bureaucracy? In addition, Inside Sales guarantees sellers more time to focus on strategies, conversions and even professional training.

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