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Agricultural Technology And Agribusiness

The Underlying Logic Of The Dominant Technological Model


The article analyzes the main characteristics of the technological model of agribusiness in Argentina, discusses its main problems and proposes a reflection that frames the issue in broader economic and political contexts.

This technology is described as a technological fix, and three main attributes are presented: instantaneity, transience and recurrence. The supposed efficiency of the productive model occurs at the expense of the squandering of natural capital and the costs internalized by other social actors, either via accumulation through dispossession or through socialization and the temporary deferral of its negative externalities. Its strength lies in its power far transcending the technological sphere. Casting doubt on the current model implies questioning its visible head (i.e., agribusiness) and objecting to the institutions (scientific, educational, legal and administrative) and the political structures that support it. Finally, the article discusses alternatives and proposes developing a political agronomy for Latin America.

Conference: Blockchain and Technology In Agribusiness

Description Of The Event

In constant change, the agri-food sector faces numerous challenges: food safety and quality, sustainable food and the need for innovation in a hypercompetitive market, among others. Technological development becomes the key to successfully facing these future challenges in this situation. Consumers are increasingly demanding, and in the food area, even more so, they want transparency. They want to know all the information about the foods they consume. For its part, the industry wants to have greater control to avoid food safety alerts that impact revenue and the brand image. 

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Therefore, blockchain for traceability and food safety, or new technologies for agribusiness (for example, Artificial Vision for pest detection, prediction of the optimal harvest time through machine learning and incorporation of weather forecasts, advanced analytics for prediction or estimates prices, etc.) are some of the most applied advances currently.

Event Schedule

Overview of the business challenges in the agri-food sector and technologies that are helping to overcome these challenges explained through real cases. 

Blockchain For Agribusiness: 

Blockchain technology for business.

Blockchain for Traceability and Food Safety. We will talk about the Spanish olive oil traceability project based on blockchain ( Olive Trace )

“Live” demonstration of the traceability and food safety solution. We will see the trace of a pack of broccoli, carrots and celery from the farms of origin of each product to the destination in 15 stores. In a demonstration that is not technological and very much a business user. 

Colloquium, questions, closing of the session.


Javier Villarreal Redon 

Business Development Executive – Cloud/Managed Services Providers and ISVs IBM Spain. Former Executive MBA student at ENAE Business School.

President of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association of the Region of Murcia.

We must maintain our roots and traditions in a constantly evolving world where technology drives change at breakneck speed. 

As it does? Through an online educational platform and an exciting digital educational game, students and the community are offered access to valuable materials completely free of charge. This platform is about learning about our cultural heritage internationally and empowering people to acquire technological and digital skills and become familiar with them.

Our foundation’s commitment to projects of this type is solid and lasting. This is a perfect example of how intercultural cooperation can improve the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage.

Technology allows us to document, share and pass on this legacy to future generations, ensuring that our roots are preserved in the overwhelming flow of modernity.

Gamification, or applying game principles to non-game contexts such as education, has become a powerful tool for engaging students actively and effectively. A dual purpose is achieved by incorporating playful elements into the learning process: making learning fun and engaging while encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The ARCH Project fully embraces these principles by providing an online educational platform and digital educational game that allows students to explore and learn about their cultural heritage uniquely and excitingly. Educators can also use this tool to enrich their classes and make learning more engaging.

As we move forward in this exciting digital age, adapting our educational strategies is essential to prepare future generations for success in an ever-changing world.

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