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Business Management Platform Fusion Place Implementation

BI Results Impacting Management System

Get rid of the complicated and inefficient budget management work typical of large companies!


  • Get rid of complicated budget management work!
  • Labor-saving in business management operations and real-time management.
  • “fusion place” ( *1) is a business management system with high functionality and scalability, from budgeting to group business management.
  • The feature is that you can use familiar Excel forms, which
  • It dramatically reduces the time and effort required to allocate budgets and tabulate group profits and losses,
  • I am allowing for a timely and highly accurate understanding of business performance.
  • Sakura Information Systems
  • Offers an “Installation Support Pack” that summarizes know-how based on the extensive experience implementing “fusion place.”

This Is The Provided Information About Impact BI Results

  • With implementation support and careful support from a team of specialized consultants,
  • you can implement the system in a short period and operate it efficiently.
  • Business management platform “fusion place” introduction solution service image
  • In addition to an integrated platform that centrally manages management data, we support short-term implementation and efficient operation by providing an environment where you can start immediately and business templates that include the necessary forms.

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  • Five features of the business management platform “fusion place” implementation solution
  • Reduce the time required for business management tasks by using Excel & high-speed data processing.
  • You can input and output data and create a database using the familiar Excel.
  • The database also uses on-memory processing (*2), allowing you to process large amounts of data quickly. For example, it takes only about 0.1 seconds to display 1 million aggregated values.
  • Using familiar Excel
  • Reduce work time with high-speed data processing.
  • Covers a wide range of business functions required for single and group management accounting
  • In addition to the standard functions of the package, Sakura Information Systems also provides business templates originally developed by Sakura Information Systems. For example, the “Consolidated Business Management” template allows you to efficiently perform aggregation by division, subsidiary, and organizational hierarchy, as well as budget application and approval using the workflow function, budget management, internal transactions, and consolidated income statement inquiries.
  • Consolidated business management template
  • Wide range of support, including business management
  • Easy incremental expansion
  • It is possible to start small at a departmental level, eliminate inefficient business processes due to excessive reliance on Excel, and gradually expand the scope of application to the sophistication of group business management.
  • In addition, “fusion place” is highly scalable and flexible, and even after you start using it, you can add new tasks and manage management granularity.*3) can be detailed.
  • Start small!
  • Wide range of support, including business management
  • Implementation support utilizing business management system implementation experience and know-how
  • We will utilize the track record and know-how of Sakura Information Systems to implement the system together with the customer.
  • The “Introduction Support Pack” supports customers in using it independently, enabling short-term introduction and efficient operation.
  • Short-term introduction
  • Support until the establishment of in-house operations
  • Support system by a specialized team familiar with financial accounting and management accounting
  • Sakura Information Systems constructs and operates numerous financial accounting systems for multiple business companies and financial institutions. Many customers, including global manufacturers and domestic mid-sized companies, have chosen this solution. We have many consultants who are well-versed in accounting operations, from stand-alone to consolidated accounting, so our strength is that we can confidently recommend you introduce our services.
  • Many implementation results from medium-sized companies to large companies
  • Support from consultants who are familiar with the business

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