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ERP Implementation: How To Do It And What Are The Benefits

ERP implementation is a practice that brings many benefits to companies. This is justified as Enterprise Resource Planning, a very complete business management software.

By using this program, organizations can have their tasks carried out more appropriately, and the performance of activities can be optimized. Find out more below!

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing ERP?

The use of ERP is essential so that a company’s information flow can be focused on the strategic area. Furthermore, it has a series of advantages, such as those listed below.

Integration Of Company Areas

ERP allows all areas of the company to be integrated through the possibility of automatically performing tasks, such as cash flow, stock control, customer registration, issuing invoices, etc.

All of this optimizes work. An example of this occurs when the purchasing department enters a new item into stock, for example, which automatically becomes available for the sales department to sell.

Process Standardization

With ERP, the problems of each employee carrying out activities in a different way are eliminated, as everything must follow what is requested in the program. This practice allows mistakes to be made that compromise the quality of the work performed.

Cost Reduction

A company that uses an ERP reduces its costs significantly. This is because the time allocated to carrying out manual activities could be improved. Furthermore, in the case of a cloud storage system, it is also possible to avoid maintaining data centres and archive rooms to store printed materials, which can now only be digitized.

How Important Is It To Plan Team Training To Use ERP?

To prevent errors from happening, the entire company team must be trained to use the ERP correctly.

We recommend planning, with the company, organizing a course or workshop so that everyone can learn how to use the platform.

It is also essential to make it clear which methods need to be adopted when you have any questions or if the program presents a problem, such as consulting technical support.

Why Is It Essential To Have A Company Specialized In This Process?

To implement ERP in the organization, it is recommended to rely on a company that specializes in this process. There are some methodologies, such as AIP 3.0, and milestones, such as Project Preparation Business Blueprint, Project Realization, Final Preparation and Go-Live and Support, which can serve as support in this process.

Now that you know how to do it and what the benefits of implementing ERP are for your company, be sure to look for a suitable partnership to carry out this process.

Reasons Not To Hire An ERP

Having efficient management is the desire of every company. However, to achieve this objective, it is essential to align process guidelines and management models in order to obtain the desired benefit.

In this aspect, investing in Enterprise Resource Planning, better known as ERP, is considered the gateway for many companies. However, more than finding the correct tool, it is essential first to understand what it will be used for in the organization.

ERP has several functionalities, such as automating manual processes, extensive storage capacity, unification of data and records, and improvement in workflows, in addition to promoting better communication between areas. This entire range of benefits certainly shines a light on the eyes of every manager who often finds himself lost in how to manage the company’s various fronts.

Even in the face of such advantages, it is essential to emphasize that the software appears as an assistance tool and for its implementation actually to be effective, it is crucial to emphasize the preparation and alignment of strategies and actions.

ERP is an essential ally in reformulating processes. Still, the system itself cannot resolve all of the company’s difficulties – as it needs to be suitable and structured to meet the points of the problem.

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