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What Are The Biggest Challenges Of Cloud Storage?

Challenges of Cloud Storage: Key data is that 94% of respondents adopt cloud strategies, maintaining a balance between public and private clouds.

In addition, the business use of the cloud, according to the survey, also pointed out that its use leads to significant and rapid growth, which shows the strength of this trend in the IT market.

However, its use is also surrounded by challenges that need to be considered by organizations when adopting it. Keep reading and learn more about the main ones!

Meet The Growing Demand For Cloud Storage

The growth in demand for cloud storage in recent years has been very positive. However, at the same time, it is challenging; after all, providing the same quality service is necessary, whether for tens of thousands of customers.

That is why one of the biggest and most complex challenges of cloud storage is to maintain impeccable quality in the face of increased demand with the same quality, including, in this process, care for customer service and support in case of problems.

Adapt To The Multi-Cloud Environment

The multi-cloud environment emerged as a way to simplify developers’ lives and provide greater productivity for organizations. It consists of more than one service and one cloud provider, whether public or private.

Getting closer to an ideal cloud solution for your company’s proposal is important, something that might only partially be achieved by opting for just one type of cloud.

However, to opt for this model, it is necessary to adapt to it since it requires the transition to two types of cloud and coexists with hybrid clouds. For this, following up with a specialized consultancy may be necessary.

It is important to remember that the Flex-era report pointed out that using this environment is leading to the growth of IT companies. In other words, it is a challenge worth facing.

Support Cloud Containers

Cloud containers are a strong trend for the coming years in the IT sector, especially in companies that work continuously with DevOps and test operations. This is because, through this system, developers can store the organization’s data in virtualized boxes ( containers ), regardless of the system in which they are hosted.

This type of process facilitates data migration, application of tests, and validation of changes, achieving much faster deliveries to the end customer, something increasingly necessary in the various IT sectors. In addition, it allows the management of codes and data practically and in real-time, that is, instantly.

However, for this to work, cloud storage must provide all the necessary support for development teams.

Stay Up To Date Constantly

Every specialized area has this constant challenge in its routines. And for employees who work with cloud storage, it is no different. After all, as it is an increasingly strategic area for all organizations, including those that do not work directly with technology, creative and innovative solutions are developed practically every day.

In addition, it is essential to check the trends for the near future, what the market has absorbed, and the main failures that have occurred at the moment so that you can think of solutions to these issues.

Therefore, read reports from the major companies in the area, follow the research, and trends from renowned organizations, check lectures and congresses, and keep up to date.

Promote A Consistent Migration To Cloud Storage

Many companies still operate with physical storage, starting to migrate now. This procedure is extremely delicate and requires attention from IT managers to be done properly.

It is necessary to draw up a consistent migration plan, analyze the previous situation, verify strong and vulnerable points that deserve greater attention, and carry out the process with the least possible failure.

It is also essential to assess the organization’s real needs regarding migration, the best type of system to implement, and what type of cloud computing is most compatible with the company’s needs (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS), among others—other important points.

One way to get around this challenge is to hire teams specialized in this type of service, which will provide the necessary advice to carry out a migration without trauma and damage to organizations.

Dealing with internet network instabilities

Network connection instability generates a very delicate problem for those who work with cloud storage.

Some regions experience problems such as high package prices or connections that constantly fail, in addition to speeds below what is necessary for adequate service.

Unfortunately, this is a structural issue that is considerably evaded by companies but needs to be considered when providing services to outsourced clients in regions suffering from these difficulties.

Optimize Cloud Storage Spend

Another key point to be faced as a challenge is the optimization of expenses with cloud storage. After all, every business wants and needs to do more with less money.

In addition, it is essential to maintain quality in optimizing expenses. After all, you can’t reduce costs and lose the quality of the service offered, can you? For example, hiring a cloud server that is not so good for cost reduction can be a shot in the foot.

Ensuring The Security Of Data

The growth of cloud computing leads to an important issue: the visibility and attention of cyber criminals, who see opportunities to obtain data for bank fraud and data kidnapping, among other points that deserve attention. Therefore, IT managers must focus on security solutions to ensure data integrity.

More and more companies that provide cloud services are also dedicated to improving this issue to protect their customers’ information and file security.

For example, currently, information can be broken down to be stored on several servers. Thus, if the hacker accesses one of them, he will have, for example, access to one-hundredth of the whole, which will be useless for a criminal action.

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