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Cloud Certifications: Number Has Tripled For IT Service Providers

The number of cloud certifications at IT service providers has increased dramatically in the past three years. Between 2020 and 2022, growth was more than 300 percent, according to a study by ISG on the ecosystems of established cloud providers.

According to this, 51 percent of professionals with cloud certifications at IT service providers have an Azure certification, 33 percent have a certification for Amazon Web Services, and 8 percent have a Google Cloud certification. According to the Information Services Group report, other provider certificates also have a share of eight percent.

Drivers For The High Demand For Cloud Certifications

According to ISG, the driver of this development is that the demand from companies for IT modernization through cloud technologies is higher than ever before. Much of this modernization is taking place in so-called hyperscale clouds. However, the effective use of hyperscale cloud functions requires dedicated unique know-how in the construction and operation of cloud-based architectures. Companies are increasingly turning to IT service providers to fall back on this specialist knowledge. These, in turn, are drastically expanding cloud certifications among their professionals to meet demand.

Today, companies are increasingly evaluating IT service providers according to whether they have the necessary know-how and sufficient experience to build and maintain cloud architectures. The substantial increase in the number of certifications results from this demand. However, it is not automatically an indication of future demand. However, it can be assumed that the demand for certified specialists will continue to increase. Because more than half of the companies already use a public cloud. And even more, we are planning to use multiple clouds simultaneously.

The Information Services Group (ISG) is a market research and consulting company in the technology segment. As a business partner for over 800 customers, ISG supports companies, public organizations, and service and technology providers in achieving operational excellence and faster growth. The company focuses on services in digital transformation, automation, cloud and data analytics, sourcing consulting and managed governance. There are also risk services, services for the network operating companies, design of technology strategy and operations, change management, and market research and analysis of new technologies. 

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