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The New Digital Marketing Professions: What You Need To Know

The Internet has made the world an actual global village. Its advent broke down physical, social, linguistic and, above all, commercial barriers. Businesses can now sell all over the world using digital marketing. A sector that is experiencing rapid evolution with new technologies, requiring new worker profiles. What do you need to know about these new digital marketing professions? Here are more details.

The New Digital Marketing Professions: A Response To The Evolution Of Marketing

Digitalization has shaken up traditions. Thanks to it, e-mail has taken the place of traditional letters. Social networks and self-checkouts were born. The commerce and marketing sectors have also undergone a real revolution. Businesses can now sell to multiple markets in record time using the Internet. In this context, traditional marketing displays its limits, leaving a little more room for digital marketing.

This new approach to marketing helps businesses raise their tentacles globally through various online strategies. This, therefore, involves the joint use of new technologies and IT. It is precisely in this context that new professions have emerged with digital marketing. These are mainly profiles of people who know how to combine marketing and computer skills with the handling of new technologies.

Because of these new digital marketing professions, new schools have emerged. Their role is to assess the needs in terms of skills sought in digital marketing and offer appropriate training. With the integration of AI, virtual and augmented reality into digital marketing, the sector continues to progress. New digital marketing professions are emerging, constantly with the intention of helping companies meet the unique challenges they face.

New Digital Marketing Professions: Valued Skills And Requirements

Digital marketing, technology, IT, and innovative strategies are the parameters that are in the spotlight. Whether in the development of commercial models, in the deployment of a marketing strategy or in communication, they are essential. The new digital marketing professions then promote profiles of those who feel comfortable using IT. People with solid creativity will have a promising career in digital marketing.

Also, the new digital marketing professions rhyme with the use of new technologies. We then need resilient professionals who easily accept and adopt innovations. With digital marketing, only practical skills are valued. Today, it is indeed possible to demonstrate your skills in this sector of activity by being a pure, self-taught person. The most important thing is to help companies improve their brand image and, above all, sell better. Practically speaking, the new digital marketing professions require and promote profiles with:

  • Basics in digital marketing;
  • Good command of digital and IT tools;
  • Strong creativity;
  • A good command of professional or business English;
  • Responsiveness and a spirit of initiative and research;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Notions of finance and communication strategy, etc.

If you want to make a career in this industry, you develop such skills. Discover some new digital marketing jobs that are highly sought after these days.

Some New, Highly Sought-After Digital Marketing Jobs

With the new digital marketing professions, companies have revolutionized their sales methods. They have developed more advanced strategies with more innovative digital tools. They have an easier time attracting customers and getting them to buy, thanks to more specific digital marketing skills. Among the most sought-after new digital marketing jobs are:

  • The community manager
  • With the advent of digital technology, companies can now reach their target customers via several channels, including social networks. These channels are also very effective for:
  • Carry out commercial prospecting;
  • Interact with customers after the sale;
  • Ensure a good online presence and visibility;
  • Launch advertising and commercial campaigns, etc.

It is to carry out these different tasks that the profession of community manager was created. This professional is responsible for managing a company’s presence on social networks. As such, he develops unique and engaging content to attract the attention of Internet users. It is in this register that he manages to carry out lead-generation campaigns.

It thus helps the company to identify new markets on a daily basis where it can increase its turnover. The job of community manager requires strong responsiveness. To exercise it, you need dynamism and a strong open-mindedness. Fluency in professional English is an asset for this profession. Profiles with skills in graphic design are highly valued for this position.

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The SEO Manager: One Of The Digital Marketing Professions That Is Very Useful For Pure Players

With the advent of new technologies, it is noted that 70% of purchasing actions begin with a search on the Internet. Companies then need a strong presence on search engines. It is in this context that the SEO manager intervenes. Its first mission is to ensure the visibility of your business on the SERP.

This way, when people search on the Internet, they will be able to access your website and make purchases if possible. This professional works, above all, to improve specific technical parameters of your web interface. It also uses specific digital tools that allow it to identify relevant keywords for your website. He integrates these onto the platform in order to increase his traffic.

The Marketing Data Analyst: A Very Technical Digital Marketing Profession

The Marketing Data Analyst is also one of the new digital marketing professions. It plays a reasonably technical role in web marketing. Specifically, this professional hunts for data on the different digital channels where the company operates. He is constantly analyzing consumer information. Its objective is to process the data to make suitable recommendations to the company.

These recommendations are often linked to the brand’s online presence and especially to commercial techniques. The Marketing Data Analyst job is best suited to people who feel comfortable handling numbers. Proficiency in coding techniques and spreadsheets is also required to meet the expectations of this position. For this profession, only profiles with a well-developed sense of analysis do well.

The Growth Hacker

The Growth Hacker is also a new, highly sought-after worker profile in digital marketing. This professional’s primary function is to attract new customers for the company on digital platforms. It is a mass prospector that collects many consumers for a business in record time. This is a profile in high demand by startups and SMEs when launching new products.

He uses his skills to create an excellent reputation for the brand and increase traffic to the website. This professional also has the skills needed to ensure the web development of a virtual platform. It can also help automate marketing tasks and advertise online. For this job, you need very versatile profiles in digital marketing. People with a real sense of creativity will have a great career there.

The UX Specialist

The UX specialist is also a new profession in digital marketing. Very influential in the design of digital platforms, this professional is responsible for improving the user experience on your website. It mainly works on enhancing ergonomics. Its role is to simplify the architecture of your platforms as much as possible in order to facilitate navigation for different visitors. To succeed in its mission, it collects information related to consumers’ digital habits.

It relies on these to constantly improve the presentation of your digital platforms. For this digital marketing profession, mastery of specific graphic and technical design software is essential. The UX specialist must be a team player. He often collaborates with the web developer and the web designer to offer visitors to your digital platforms a better browsing experience.

The e-CRM Project Manager

Electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) has become a new field of work with the advent of digital marketing. And it is the e-CRM project manager who is in charge of this. This professional manages the affairs of the marketing, sales and IT departments at the same time. He is competent in ensuring online customer relationship management. It is he who defines the ideal strategy for exploiting customer data while implementing e-CRM solutions.

The e-CRM project manager generally helps companies to:

  • Understand the behavior of Internet users;
  • Build customer loyalty in order to increase sales and profit levels;
  • Respond to the various concerns of Internet users related to sales, etc.
  • Solid knowledge of IT management is also essential to practice this profession.

The Cybersecurity Expert

Online businesses are constantly exposed to malware and cyber-attacks. This is why it is essential to ensure the security of company data by relying on the latest cybersecurity tools. To achieve this, the skills of the cybersecurity expert are therefore necessary. Indeed, this digital marketing professional helps protect internal data. It identifies the weaknesses of IT systems and finds concrete solutions to strengthen them.

With the cybersecurity expert, the company’s IT package is entirely secure. This professional also monitors constantly to identify new technologies. It then offers innovative digital tools that protect the company from the inconvenience caused by cybercriminals. In a context where all data is now digitized, this worker profile is constantly sought after by companies.

The Digital Brand Manager

In a new digital profession, the digital brand manager manages all the tasks inherent to the notoriety of your brand. Very involved in brand image, he also executes and contains the e-influence strategic plan. It is this professional who designs the appropriate system to enhance the -reputation on social networks. The digital brand manager manages web projects by working in concert with IT specialists, web designers and web editors.

He knows the strategic points to boost the brand image. Its objective is to manipulate them to optimize brand recognition by customers. This professional, therefore, works to restrict the company on the web. This is a profile highly sought after by startups who wish to capture a significant market share in a very short time.

The Web Product Manager

The web product manager is also a new profession in digital marketing, which is experiencing real growth. In reality, this is a professional responsible for the design and development of the company’s various web products. In this capacity, he actively monitors to identify the company’s needs and identify suitable innovative technologies. It also measures the impact of the recognized technology on overall performance.

Practically, this professional:

  • Defines the target in order to offer new innovative services;
  • Defines the specifications inherent to the design and development of web products;
  • Ensures the ergonomics of the pages so that the real needs of consumers are detected;
  • Develops a product plan in conjunction with the communications and digital marketing team;
  • Participates in the implementation of the product plan.

He then uses reporting tools to monitor activities and the budget.

The Web Marketing Manager

The web marketing manager is mainly responsible for defining the company’s marketing and communication strategy on the various digital channels. In this capacity, he leads:

  • Identification of consumer needs;
  • A market analysis;
  • A design of responses to different customer expectations;
  • Implementation of established responses.

The web marketing manager coordinates partnerships and monitors returns on investment. He applies corrective measures to improve them if necessary. More generally, it is the web marketing manager who defines the commercial objectives to be achieved with the head of the company. In short, the new digital marketing professions allow companies to benefit from new commercial opportunities on a daily basis. These new worker profiles also help to cope with the changes driven by new technologies.

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