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How To Integrate Email Marketing With Digital Marketing Strategies

Email marketing with digital marketing: Digital marketing allows the use of numerous tools and tactics to sell products and services.

To name a few, we can talk about social media, mobile marketing, content marketing and sponsored links. Given these possibilities, however, it is widespread to find managers making the mistake of segmenting these strategies, expecting different results in each of them.

Companies must adopt the stance of seeking convergence between all the media they use. Creating a  multichannel strategy can be extremely important for the effectiveness of your actions, especially those carried out via email marketing. Therefore, in this article, you will find some examples of integration that can be done between digital marketing campaigns and email marketing:

Think About Mobility

It’s not uncommon to see people staring at their cell phone screens. A curious survey carried out by the company Soasta, for example, showed that accessing email via cell phone right after waking up is already a common practice for  67% of people. Therefore, you must make sure that the opening of these messages on these devices is adapted and appropriate to the channel.

Start testing the visualization before starting to send emails; make sure that the Call to Action (CTA) and the links provided in the message will be easily accessed by readers using cell phones. Also, remember to be careful with the text content of the email, as some cell phones still cannot open images quickly, and this action consumes more data from your client’s package. Furthermore, the volume of sales through mobile devices is also growing. So, don’t forget to adapt your landing pages for mobile. This way, you will have an integration of your company’s digital strategy in order to reach consumers who are on the street all the time!

Social Networks Are Potent Allies

There is no denying that social media is essential for generating leads, building relationships, brand awareness, and even converting into sales. Therefore, combining them with your email marketing is essential to guarantee a greater return on your campaigns, encouraging an increase in the reach of these messages.

Start with simple measures, such as including social sharing buttons in emails sent. On the other hand, the chosen channel must also be integrated into the strategy, encouraging lead generation. To do this, provide well-designed CTAs in material that has a high possibility of being shared to increase your database further. At a time when results are more mature, try to carry out an in-depth analysis of the campaigns that have the most significant impact on these media and try to replicate them.

Blogs Can Interact With Your Email Marketing Strategy

Another very efficient strategy for your email marketing campaign is to align the material produced on your company’s corporate blog with the messages sent through the creation of newsletters. This, in addition to generating efficiency and saving productive time, will help to increase access to your page.

Don’t forget that content marketing is, today, one of the primary and most recommended ways to generate leads for your business. Therefore, you must adapt this content so that it reaches your subscribers directly, enhancing results. Also, work on segmentation in this shipping automation, making sure that the type of content sent will actually be relevant to your customer.

Transactional Emails To Foster Customer Contact

Transactional emails consist of an integration between your website and your email marketing campaigns. Depending on your consumer’s behavior, messages are automatically triggered to encourage contact with the customer.

When registering to download an ebook, for example, your customer receives an automatic message with guidance. Another way to carry out this integration so that you better understand how this resource works is to send a thank you and clarification email after the customer registers for your newsletter.

In this way, this resource helps you to better understand your customer’s behavior, as well as strengthen your relationship with them based on the actions they take on your company’s website.

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