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How Important Is Email Marketing In E-Commerce?

E-commerce is booming. This is a fact that can no longer be denied, especially since the pandemic. For companies, the question is no longer whether they want to have an online shop but how it can be marketed well. For this reason, the experts at Sendinblue will show you the role of email marketing in e-commerce.

The e-commerce boom has also changed customer expectations. It is no longer just about ordering products online but about the entire customer journey. Customers want to have a comfortable shopping experience tailored to them personally.

Email marketing can be a crucial success factor in this personalized customer journey. Because in the email, content and products can be individually tailored to each contact. At the same time, email is one of the most cost-effective and practical channels for customer retention and customer acquisition.

Why Is Marketing So Important In E-Commerce?

Building an online shop and adding products is no longer a considerable effort. But that alone is not enough. Without marketing in e-commerce, it takes time for customers to find the shop and buy products. That’s what e-commerce marketing is for.

This should generate new traffic to an online shop, make a brand known to a new target group, and convert visitors into buying customers.

What Role Does Email Marketing Play?

Most people immediately think of the classic newsletter sent to the entire contact list when it comes to email marketing. However, these newsletters have little to do with today’s professional email marketing.

Email generates an average of $44 per dollar invested and is also the channel with the highest conversion rate. The average conversion rate for email is 4.16 percent, compared to 2.64 percent for organic search and 0.48 percent for social media.

Another benefit for businesses is that email marketing is a channel they can control, cost-effective, and reliable. Apart from personnel costs, there are only costs for the email marketing software. These are available at very reasonable prices or for the first steps – as with Sendinblue – often even free of charge.

What Exactly Does Email Marketing Involve?

As already mentioned, email marketing is much more than just a weekly newsletter. We’ll show the three examples below to understand better what email marketing is instead.

  1. Transactional Emails: These emails can support the operational aspects of the online store or website.
  2. Automated Scenarios: The right contacts are reached at the right time with the most relevant messages to drive sales.
  3. Email Campaigns: All contacts are informed about your advertising activities, brand values ​​, and updates about your business.

Implement Email Marketing With Sendinblue

If you are looking for a suitable partner to support you with digital marketing and sales in your company, Sendinblue is the right provider for you.

Sendinblue has all the tools you need to boost sales and build lasting customer relationships, whether email campaigns, marketing automation, transactional emails, SMS, or chat.

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