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xbporn - Fix The Minecraft Error With Easy Steps – Fix The Minecraft Error With Easy Steps

Present-day gamers use the Microsoft account to play a wide variety of games. Minecraft is among the most popular MS games. The younger generation is playing lots of games on the internet. However, while playing games like Minecraft on platforms like Xbox, Laptop, Nintendo, PlayStation, etc., they face a technical glitch or error.

When children come across error, they cannot continue to play the games or connect with another player online. The error occurs due to the restrictions in the privacy settings of the Microsoft account. Minors cannot have an MS account, so they should use their parent MS account to play games.

Having a smart device in hand, almost everybody plays games for recreational purposes. A few games have become very popular among kids. Minecraft is one of them. To play Minecraft, the players must have a Microsoft account. Lately, many Minecraft players are coming across errors in the privacy settings. It is due to Microsoft’s privacy policies, which state that minors cannot access adult content or kids cannot have a personal account. But kids mostly play games on Microsoft. So they face the issues.

So, if you are facing an issue with your Microsoft account and you are here to get a solution, then we have you covered, as we will explain everything about in this post. We will provide information on everything regarding it. Please proceed further.

What is

It is essential to monitor your child while playing games like Minecraft on Xbox, PS5, PS4, Windows 10/11, and PC using child-linked Microsoft accounts. You can set age restrictions using code, as your child may get exposed to adult content. So, by changing the MS account privacy settings, you can restrict kids and minors from watching adult content. You can also monitor with whom your kids play on the gaming platform.

Parents can manage their kids’ MS accounts by adjusting the privacy settings of access to Multiplayer, joining Xbox clubs, etc. Parents can also monitor with whom their children communicate when playing. The security protocols of help in protecting important user data and also, and they restrict intrusion of third parties. The privacy policies of Microsoft ensure that only you can access your account, and your data is never transferred to another account.

Why does error occur when playing Minecraft? privacy error usually occurs on MS minor account when trying to connect to another friend on the Minecraft gaming platform. Due to age restriction settings from the main MS account, kids under 18 face errors. The child’s account, which is age-restricted, gets blocked from playing a few game types and web pages. So, the minor players face the notice on their accounts.

The notice asks the user to adjust the privacy settings of their account to continue multiplayer gaming and join any Xbox club. It is essential to change settings if you want to send in-game messages on Minecraft or see the messages sent or communicate through notice or text messages to everybody or your friends.

How to fix error on Minecraft?

If a notification pops up mentioning that ‘you cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft account is set up and asks ‘you to review and change your privacy settings at’, then follow the steps below.

There are various ways to fix the error on Minecraft. Sometimes the error may occur due to problems in the connection, subscription, or server issues. Troubleshoot these issues first before adjusting the Microsoft privacy settings. Please follow the step-by-step process given here.

  • Sometimes a weak internet signal might trigger the settings error. So, check for the internet connection whether it is stable or not. Reset your connection to solve the weak signal issue.
  • You cannot play if you confront a PS4 WS-37337-3 Error on your screen. So, ensure that you have a proper subscription plan to the service of your gaming platforms, such as Playstation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, or Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Weak connection and poor server maintenance make it tough to connect to a server. So, connecting to a Minecraft Realm nearer to your geographic location is wise.
  • Use advanced versions like Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Minecraft Crossplay, as older versions restrict crossplay capability on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Check whether the game is active on multiple devices and close them, as it might be the reason for the Minecraft error.

How to fix the Minecraft privacy settings error on Xbox or Windows 10?

As already said above, the error is due to the age restrictions in your MS account. So make these changes to your child’s MS account settings through the primary account if you face the Minecraft privacy error.

  • The first thing you should do is Log out of all your Microsoft accounts on all devices.
  • Then sign into your Microsoft account on your device.
  • Now restart the Minecraft game.
  • After restarting the game, connect to your friend’s realm.

If you cannot connect and are still facing the error, then you should adjust the Microsoft privacy settings.

  • To make changes to your Microsoft account privacy settings on your Xbox, Playstation, PC, or Nintendo, visit website.
  • Then log into the parent’s Microsoft account and finish the verification process.
  • Click on the child account profile or Minor’s GT and click the option, ‘Privacy and Online safety.’
  • Click the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 devices Online Safety tab. Making changes to the settings under this tab also works for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo.
  • Adjust the settings like ‘Others Can Communicate With Voice, Text or Invites’ to ‘Everyone’ or ‘Friends. Now select ‘Allow’ for ‘You can create and join clubs and ‘Join multiplayer games.’
  • Click submit to save the changes made in the settings. The child’s profile set a date of birth indicating that they are above 18 years old.

So making the above changes in your Microsoft privacy settings helps to remove the Minecraft error on Xbox or your PC. You can now play Minecraft on your child’s account without any restrictions.


Parents can adjust the privacy and security settings of linked child MS accounts through their main Microsoft accounts. By doing so, your children cannot watch adult content on games like Minecraft. Your children cannot even communicate with other players in the game. So when you receive the notification message, “You cannot play online multiplayer because of how your Microsoft account is set up. Review and change your privacy settings at” it implies that your parents have restricted access to adult content while playing online games with your MS child account.

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