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All About The Facial Recognition System

Today, throughout our content, we will tell you everything you need to know about the facial recognition system. 

Therefore, if you still don’t know what a facial recognition system is, its benefits, and how to implement it, read this content until the end.

After reading our material, you will understand everything you need to implement a system of this type. However, before we start, share this content on your LinkedIn and other social networks.

Now, come on! 

What Is A Facial Recognition System?

As a first point, before highlighting the benefits and uses, it is important to explain what a facial recognition system is.

Thus, as the name implies, this is nothing more than a system that works through facial recognition. 

For those people who are not yet familiar with new technologies, we see that, in recent times, many companies have started to implement a system that made facial recognition of employees and freed their access to the work environment.

This is just one example of a facial recognition system. In practice, we can understand that this technology serves to recognize people’s faces and, after recognition, perform some function – such as granting access to them, for example. 

Later on, we will comment on where this system format has been used. However, we can highlight that it is possible to find facial recognition in condominiums, and business buildings, among others.  

Now, to better understand why this system has been used, we will comment on the three main benefits it brings:

Benefits Of Using A Facial Recognition System

Like any system, facial recognition has several benefits that have been attracting the attention of companies and establishments. However, in our opinion, three of them stand out:


Starting with the control, we see that with the implementation of a system of this type, you can see and control the people entering your establishment. 

In this case, for condominiums or companies, which was the example we gave earlier, it is possible to implement this system to grant access only to residents or authorized persons. 

In this case, first, you would do the facial recognition of each authorized individual and leave it saved in the system.

After that, the facial recognition system would automatically recognize those people when they tried to enter and automatically grant them access.

However, suppose someone who is not authorized and does not have their face saved in the system tries to enter. In that case, the system automatically identifies that that person is not registered and denies access. Practically and safely, this technology brings great input and output control.


Another great benefit of this type of system is in relation to the authentication issue. Sometimes, when looking at a facial recognition system, we only remember the issue of people entering and leaving. When, in fact, the uses go much further.

Recently, we have seen that many banks and fintech are starting to use this type of system as a technology to authenticate transactions, which is very useful; after all, there is no better way to authenticate a transaction than through a recognition account owner’s face. 

For those using banks and similar systems, you have certainly had to go through some facial recognition steps to authenticate a transaction. This is increasingly common. 

It is a great way to avoid scams or unwanted transactions for the company. As for the user, it is another way to stay safe. 


As a last benefit, we see that it is possible to create several integrations through a facial recognition system. 

In the next topic, we will comment more on the uses, but we can say that many integrations are emerging through this system.

In addition to integrations involving financial authentication, which we have already discussed, we can also find many companies integrating time and attendance with biometric or facial authentication. 

What Are The Uses Of A Facial Recognition System?

As mentioned, a facial recognition system can be used in several ways. The most common one we find is through input and output control. 

Today, in our daily lives, we can find this system mainly in four types of places:

  • Offices;
  • condos;
  • Colleges;
  • Schools.

If you pass by any of these places in your routine, you must have already found a system that works with facial recognition. 

However, as we highlighted earlier, it is also possible to find this type of system being used in integrations related to facial authentication. 

The trend is that, with the growth of new technologies, facial recognition has begun to be used in more and more places, given its effectiveness. 

To understand ​​how this usage might evolve, we can look at the situation in China. In Chinese territory, we can find several facial recognition systems, even in the simplest places – such as banks, stores, or streets. 

Everything so people can be identified and, depending on the occasion, be able to make purchases more safely – authenticating through facial recognition.

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