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Benefits Of Inbound Marketing For Acquiring New Customers

One of the most efficient Digital Marketing strategies is, without a doubt, Inbound Marketing. Practical actions that help your business strengthen its image in the market and with customers and boost your results.

In general, when properly applied, Inbound Marketing can create several new business opportunities. It is about creating and formulating quality content for a targeted audience, winning customers and potential customers.

This text will discuss the benefits of Inbound Marketing for companies and how this strategy can generate more sales by producing quality content. Follow!

Brand Authority And Trust Generation

In Inbound Marketing, marketing actions are developed over the long term, and, as a result, their results tend to be more consistent, generating more credibility and trust for the brand.

With content based on the customer’s journey, it is possible to offer something of value and use to the public, helping to make the public’s perception of your brand more positive.

This helps the company to position itself as a reference in the market and to be considered an expert in its niche.

Higher Return On Investment

Unlike traditional marketing, Inbound Marketing is perfect for generating a higher ROI since its long-term results continue to produce positive results for the company, attracting a qualified audience to its website and generating new leads.

On average, the Inbound strategy is usually 60% cheaper than traditional marketing, which attracts a lot of attention from leaders and managers. Decreasing costs and enabling the optimization of campaigns to increase your results more and more.

Target Audience Reach

With targeted content, it is possible to attract the right audience and demonstrate potential for future purchases. The more the public is qualified, the better the results and the greater the chances of retaining customers and making them loyal to the brand.

Establishes A Closer Relationship With Customers

When content is designed to attract the right audience, the result is an approximation and identification of the audience with your brand, which generates more lasting and quality relationships.

Working on humanized and efficient communication is also remembering to strengthen ties with leads, increasing customer retention. And favoring the construction of a strong brand with a relevant presence in the market.

Accuracy In Measuring Results

With the digital strategies of Inbound Marketing, it is possible to follow the results in real-time and make the necessary changes to increase and enhance the results. And with that, improve sales opportunities.

Now that you know the main advantages of the Inbound Marketing strategy start planning practical actions to implement it in your business!

In order to be successful with digital marketing, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects, including the evaluation of results. After all, indicators are essential for your actions to be optimized more and more.

Carrying out strategies, but not following them is the big mistake of many companies. So if you have that attitude, change it immediately. Well, it is through analysis that you will be able to identify the adjustment points to be applied.

And if you need to know what to analyze, don’t worry, because this content is for you. Here, you will have access to what are the metrics and the main ones to apply in your daily life. Good reading!

What Is The Metric?

These are indicators, defined by professionals in the area, used to monitor the progress and performance of actions carried out in certain periods.

Monitoring all strategies is a challenging task, as they provide many insights. Therefore, to make it easier, you should choose only the indicators that make the most sense for the success of your business.

It is important to define them, because after carrying out the evaluation, you will know where your company’s capital is worth investing, thus making your strategies more assertive.

5 Key Metrics

As mentioned earlier, several indicators can be evaluated. With that, choose the ones that make the most sense for your business objective. Therefore, to assist you, we have selected the main metrics used. Check out!


This rate checks how the audience interacts with your brand’s publications on the internet. Therefore, several indicators can be evaluated, such as the number of likes, shares, comments, and more.

Conversion Rate

Another very important metric to be evaluated is the conversion rate, as it shows the number of people who accepted the offer proposed by your company.

Paying attention to this indicator is important to verify the success of your strategies. Oh, and remember that conversion is not always a sale, for example, it could be downloading an e-book, clicking on a blog post, etc.


This is the acronym, in Portuguese, for return on investment. This metric is used to measure the profitability of your campaigns.

To calculate it is very simple, just use the following formula: (total revenue – investment)/ investment. Knowing if the result equals zero or negative is not a good sign.


The cost per lead should also be evaluated, as it shows how much your organization spends to capture new opportunities. To calculate, survey all costs and divide by the number of leads generated.


Being the acronym for customer acquisition cost, this metric, as its name suggests, refers to the amount that the brand spends to acquire new consumers.

Therefore, the calculation to find the value is the total investment divided by the new customers.

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