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Business WhatsApp: 6 Tips To Use Correctly In Your Company

Business WhatsApp: WhatsApp is one of the main social networks currently used, consisting of an opportunity that entrepreneurs can take advantage of to improve service, generate leads, increase sales, attract new customers, retain them and even build loyalty.

A tool developed especially for companies to take advantage of this situation is business WhatsApp.

Why Should Companies Adopt Enterprise WhatsApp?

Also known as WhatsApp business or corporate, it is aimed at companies that aim to improve their connection with customers, making them safer, faster, and easier. In the visual aspect, the business version replaced the telephone hook of its symbol with a “B” for business (business in English). It is essentially important not to confuse it with personal WhatsApp — used by individuals —there are certain similarities, such as message encryption (guarantees security) and a similar layout, but the business version has extra features:

  • Business profile: you can allocate the name of the company (be careful, it cannot be changed later), opening hours, address, services offered, etc.;
  • Automatic response: it is possible to configure automatic messages to be sent to clients;
  • Personalized markers: they mark with different colors the different types of messages used, such as complaints, new customers, orders, etc.;
  • Analysis and statistics: provides visualization of statistics, such as the reading rate of messages;
  • Multimedia: audio, information, photos, videos, and documents can be sent;
  • Between others.

The use of the tool and its functionalities guarantee a wide range of benefits to the company, the main ones being:

  • Popularity: as a large part of the population uses WhatsApp daily, the company reaches a larger part of its target audience;
  • Versatility: it is possible to carry out different tasks in the application, such as promotions, menus, and catalogs, among other elements;
  • Proximity: the opening rate of messages on social networks is higher than an email, which makes the relationship with the customer closer;
  • Economy: currently, the application is free, not requiring charges and monthly fees.

What Are The Six Tips On How To Use Business WhatsApp In Practice?

Now that you know the many benefits of using WhatsApp for business check out some tips for using this tool best.

Assemble A Plan 

After creating the account in the tool, you must plan how the organization will use the resource. It must be determined whether it will be used in after-sales, to place orders, perform customer service, etc. In addition, it is also recommended to determine in planning:

  • What messages will be sent automatically, and what are their conditions;
  • How the company will obtain customer numbers;
  • form of communication;
  • what are the metrics to be monitored;
  • Whether messages will be sent spontaneously, such as promotions.

Pay Attention To The Language Used

WhatsApp is a social network with less general characteristics, which means that conversations are intimate and in-depth. For this reason, it is not recommended to use robotic, rigid, and very technical language; credibility and intimacy must be transmitted to the client. Even if the target audience is conservative and the language should be more serious, messages should be endowed with qualities such as:

  • personalized content;
  • gentle behavior;
  • light language;
  • pleasant contact;
  • the feeling of communicating with a human.

Obey The Conditions Of Use

Although the application is free, companies must follow their rules and policies and avoid annoying their customers. The conditions for using Business WhatsApp are:

  • Size: Can only be used by small and medium-sized companies. This is because if an excessive amount of companies use it, its operation may be compromised;
  • Permission from customers: message spam is actively fought in the app, so it’s critical to ask permission from users or send messages if the customer did it first;
  • Behavior: it is forbidden for companies to make abusive comments; some examples are sending illegal offenses and selling prohibited products.

Plan Your Messaging Schedule

Nobody likes to open the application and see dozens of messages from the same company, even if each one has content and is relevant to the customer; the volume of messages makes the relationship unpleasant and robotic, making the recipient ignore the messages. Messages and even block the contact.

It is important to meticulously plan how many messages will be sent to customers weekly and monthly, as well as that the content is exceptionally relevant to the customer; an example is sending a discount for a product that he placed in the shopping cart or that he previously canceled. It is also recommended to send it on special dates, such as New Year and Christmas, but without exaggeration.

Use WhatsApp Web

The tool can be used directly from the computer, access the WhatsApp Web page in the browser, and scan the mobile device’s QR code; the cell phone is only required to be connected to the internet. The advantage of using the platform on a computer lies in the ease of typing, viewing messages, and configuring the application.

Apply The Correct Performance Indicators

Performance indicators (KPI) are metrics applied before changes and continuously after changes are made in the company. With them, it is possible to measure results, analyze customer behavior, and reassess strategies, among other measures that improve decision-making. Business WhatsApp has included metrics like:

  • Reception rate: consists of the number of users who receive the messages sent; it is useful to measure the number of active customers;
  • Open rate (read): number of customers who open and read the company’s messages. With the metric, it is also possible to obtain the rejection rate (number of people who do not open the messages);
  • Response rate: consists of the number of responses received from customers, with which the average interaction of the business is obtained;
  • Conversions and sales: it is possible to find out how many customers are visiting the store through links sent by the application.

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