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Social Media Management For Your Company

Social Media Management: Are you managing your company’s social media but don’t know what to post? This difficulty is very common!

Many entrepreneurs have already realized that social media is the perfect place to create brand awareness. Therefore, companies should professionally use these platforms! 

Check out the golden rules for managing content on social media for companies below. They apply to almost all networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Offer Something Valuable To Your Fans!

Avoid sounding like a salesperson who “pushes” unnecessary things on people. Instead of highlighting the advantages of your products/services, you should consider your target audience’s needs. Your brand gains trust when it helps customers solve their problems. This makes sales a lot easier!

  • EXAMPLE: car store

Those who want to change their car research a lot before closing the purchase. Therefore, a car store must help the public on this journey. Within social networks, posts like “learn to evaluate a used car” or “the best pickup trucks up to 50 thousand” certainly add value to the public, making it easier for them to become customers.

Caprice In The Images Of The Posts

Everyone knows: we don’t even pay attention to most of the posts that appear. Especially on Facebook and Instagram, users first look at the post; if the image interests them, the content will be read more calmly. Therefore, you must choose an attractive image for your company’s post!

In managing social networks, you must be very careful with two factors. The first is the size of your image! Each platform requires a specific size. Check below the main sizes used in each network:


Profile Image (180 x 180)

Fanpage Cover (828×315)

Photo or Link (1200 x 630)

Video (504×283)


Profile Photo (100 x 110)

Posts (1080×1080)


Logo (110×110)

Banner (646×220)

Post (1200×627)

The second factor is the quality of the images: light, focus, background, color treatment, etc. It’s worth hiring a photographer if you don’t do well with the camera. Your results will be much better with professional images!

Build Texts That Have Visual Appeal

For the same reason that images need to be eye-catching, your social media texts should be eye-pleasing!

I mean, the description of the posts should be as objective as possible, avoiding the “text” that almost no one reads. In addition, you can use other features that make the text more attractive: smileys, bullet points, and division into short paragraphs.

The 80/20 Rule: Don’t Overdo Your Promotions

You can and should publicize offers and promotions through social networks. However, avoid making this type of post, as it tires customers. Ideally, 80% of the posts add value to the audience, and the other 20% you reserve to talk about products and promotions.

  • EXAMPLE: cafeteria

Food promotions usually work very well, especially when they are posted at lunch or dinner! However, a diner can also post about “how to make the perfect French fries?”, “suggested ingredients combinations,” “French bread vs. hamburger bun – which is healthier? “etc.

Vary The Publication Formats

In addition to texts and photos, you can also publish videos, gifs, infographics, e-books, links, etc. Discover the formats your audience prefers and use them all. Remember that live videos often perform much better than all other formats!

Another good tip is to recycle published content. For example, you can merge some already posted images into a new video. A blog article can be split into multiple social media posts.

Maintain A Frequency Of Publications

Regardless of the interval between publications (daily, weekly, biweekly, etc.), you must maintain a constant frequency. This creates a routine for your fans, who will wait for your content on the days and times you usually post.

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