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Can SEO Help Your Business Attract More Customers?

SEO: Surely you’ve heard about the Google algorithm and probably wondered how your website can reach the top positions and appear first in searches.

Reaching the top of Google is possible through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that help index content on the search page.

The search page is divided into two parts: ads and organic searches. Ads will always appear at the top of the page and sometimes at the bottom of the page as well.

Everything is called an ad, and companies pay to appear in these positions. Despite being a great strategy to attract more users to your website, today, we’ll talk about organic searches, which are just below the ads.

Knowing ​​how to reach the first organic positions is essential; research carried out by Zero Limit Web revealed that 71.33% of the clicks of organic searches are on the first page. Of these, 67.60% are concentrated only in the first five results.

This shows that being on the first page of Google can be the difference between being found or not, and, in addition, being in the first position increases your chances and the number of users that reach your site even more.

What Is SEO?

The first thing you need to do is understand what SEO is. As we said, this is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which in Portuguese can be translated to Search Engine Optimization.

This strategy consists of using different writing techniques, formatting and even the layout of your website to make it easier for Google to understand and index the site on search pages.

With this, you increase the chances of ranking up to the top, according to the keyword’s relevance.

How Does Google Search Work?

Before we see SEO techniques for you to use on your website or blog, it is essential to understand how Google searches and page ranking work.

First, the user must search the Google search bar; the terms used in this search are called keywords. A keyword can be made up of one or more times.

After Google identifies the keyword used, it presents the most relevant content for that search. That is, the greater the compatibility of the term used by the user and the keyword in your website’s text, the greater the chances of appearing in the top positions.

Another important factor is relevance; if your content is considered relevant to that search and manages to add knowledge, your position will be better.

It is worth mentioning that, currently, the Google algorithm has more than 200 ranking criteria, and it would be impossible to explain them here because not all of them are revealed. This is a general explanation of how rankings and searches work on Google.

How To Use SEO To Attract More Customers?

Now that you know what SEO is and how Google searches work, we can talk about how to use SEO to attract more customers to your business. As we said, SEO comprises a series of techniques that must be used while creating your content and in the site’s configuration.


The first tip is to use the correct keywords during the development of the text. It is essential to conduct an excellent search to find the one with a good number of inquiries and low-ranking difficulty.

Meta-Title And Meta-Description

Another tip to improve ranking is to place the keyword in the meta-title and meta-description, those texts that appear on the search page.


In addition to the previous items, another place where it is recommended to use the keyword is in the URL. 

Content Size

Another factor that can influence your content’s ranking is the content’s size; a more extensive range tends to be more complete and is favored by the Google algorithm.

Frequency Of Posts

The frequency of posts also influences your site’s performance; there is no point in publishing several contents at once and spending six months without publishing anything. It is essential to maintain a frequency and content calendar.

Heading Tags

Finally, another strategy that significantly influences your site’s ranking is the hierarchy of heading tags. To do this, it is necessary to use the text editor or edit through the HTML code of your website to ensure that the title and subtitles obey the correct hierarchy.

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