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SEO For Social Media: What It Is And How To Do It

The rules to follow to do good SEO on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You have known SEO for a long time, but you hear about SEO for social media, and it doesn’t seem clear to you what is different? The truth is that there are no such significant differences; it all lies in a different application. Classic SEO refers to positioning on the SERP, while SEO for social media must favor interaction with the public. Social links don’t work directly on ranking, but generating valuable content on social media can drive traffic to your site and help your order indirectly. Boost your online presence and increase organic traffic with our top-notch SEO services in Hyderabad. Dominate search engine rankings and get more visibility for your business.

Social Media SEO: What Is It? 

First, we need to clarify a concept. When we talk about SEO, social media means creating a community that might care about you and what you sell. Once a community has been created through the contents organized from an SEO perspective, this will convert into traffic to the site and possible customers.

Why SEO On Social Media?    

Creating your social pages, studying their content and always maintaining a good interaction with the public is undoubtedly the right way to go. Taking care of SEO also gives a further boost to all these aspects for at least four good reasons :

  1. social networks guarantee you excellent visibility,
  2. if the user follows your account, they will always be able to see your posts and remember you,
  3. social networks allow direct interaction and real following,
  4. social profiles are also indexed by Google, as are the most successful posts. So, if your offer on a pair of shoes went viral, Google will also make the site link go up on the SERP.

How To Do SEO For Social Media?

The first SEO rule for social media is to create an ad hoc program for each platform. Even if this aspect is often underestimated due to laziness or inexperience, it is essential. Soon we will see in detail all the valuable ideas for the different social networks. Assuming that you must never forget to publish content regularly and that it is helpful for your audience, let’s focus on the best practices that are always good to put in place when using SEO on social networks.

Choose The Social 

Most Suitable 

You don’t have to have all the social networks in the world. For example, if you are a manufacturer of spare parts for washing machines, no one expects to find you on Instagram but maybe on Facebook. At the same time, if you are a business manager, it will be more advantageous for you to be present on LinkedIn rather than on Instagram. So be careful with social media because they also determine your professional credibility. And if you’re not just using them for work, it’s best to create separate private accounts.

Create A Social Publishing Plan  

As we have already mentioned, a specific editorial plan must be created for each social network. Organize an SEO strategy in a way not unlike a marketing strategy: write the project even before opening the account and follow a program and a particular editorial line. There is no randomness when you use social media for work.

Be Aware Of Current Events

Nothing has to be done randomly, everything is planned, but it has to seem spontaneous. This means that your posts must be in line with current events, with the present moment, and must communicate emotions. 

Be Consistent In Posting

The worst thing about social media is posting erratically. The editorial plan helps you do this, so you know exactly when to post and be on time. For example, you could post twice a day during the hours of most excellent interaction (you can evaluate this data through the analysis tools), or you can use tools to schedule the publication in advance. 

Optimize Your Social Profile  

Enter all the reference data to be found on Google. Especially if you have a business, elements such as geolocation, telephone number, and hours are essential. Remember that this information must be the same on all social profiles, so there are no different addresses or phone numbers between the Facebook profile and the LinkedIn one.

Add A Call To Action 

Invite people to interact with you. Please encourage them to leave a comment, or a review, visit the page, subscribe to the newsletter, etc. This is a fundamental technique for creating dynamism and strengthening the community.

SEO: How To Apply It To Every Social Network?  

As we said, doing SEO for social media means adapting to the specific platform. Each social network has its dynamics and peculiarities that must be supported and not forced if you want to do a good job.  So you will have to create specific plans for each social network. If the rules mentioned so far apply to every social network, let’s see some specific suggestions for the most popular ones.

How To Do SEO On Facebook

Facebook allows you to create a company page that is exceptionally rich in information. The advice is to fill in every field of the form correctly and insert a quality profile photo (preferably your logo).  Facebook also allows you to insert direct interaction buttons that can be very useful for enhancing your CTAs. Please pay attention to the photos; they are essential.

People need to see what you do and who you are. Then add albums about your company, your products and even some photos about you and your staff. For example, having photos of your dishes is mandatory if you are a restaurateur. Posts are one of the first elements to generate interaction. Try to build effective, exciting, and communicative content. A post on Facebook allows you a discursive approach; take advantage of this possibility to communicate with your audience.

How To Do SEO On YouTube

Youtube is the most used search channel for videos. You will soon realize how profitable it can be to have a channel on this platform. A video is a powerful tool for building an audience, so make the most of it. Remember that you can create informative ones in addition to promotional films, where you offer free tutorials and information. The important thing is to have good quality videos. If you are having trouble getting the best shots, talk to professionals. Poor video rendering risks not bringing viewing even if your arguments are valid. Give the title the right weight, too; it must be short but designed to attract users.

How To Do SEO On Linkedin

Linkedin is a platform that ensures professionalism. Having a Linkedin profile serves to convey authority to the public. You can show all your training and work paths through LinkedIn and therefore formalize your status. In addition, you can create contacts with any collaborators and companies interested in your proposals.

How To Do SEO On Instagram

As we all know by now, Instagram is a social network that works through images. Use it only if it works for your goals. Given the number of profiles, it is not easy to make your way on this platform; it takes a targeted marketing strategy. Handy for the sale of your products is the Instagram shop function, which allows you to connect e-commerce to the photos you post on the social network. Have you ever tried SEO for your social networks? Remember to follow these little rules, be consistent, and aim for an impeccable organization if you are starting now. 

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