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Cloud Migration: New Opportunities And More Flexibility For Companies

Cloud Migration- Cloud computing is seen as a driving force in times of digital transformation because this technology offers companies. Cloud computing is considered the driving force in times of digital transformation because this technology offers companies more options and flexibility in the face of growing competitive pressure, for example, developing new products and services. But what do you have to consider to migrate to the cloud successfully? 

Cloud Migration: Structured Planning Leads To Success

Mass migrations of corporate applications to the cloud are currently increasingly observed. Many companies try to move as many applications as possible to the cloud as quickly as possible. They neglect essential steps in a strategic approach that are essential for a successful move to the cloud. Carrying out these in retrospect often costs more time and money than was initially planned. This makes the migration unprofitable. To prevent this, it makes sense to prepare a well-thought-out cloud strategy.

In addition to the question of the right time, the goal of the migration to the cloud should first be clarified. Often the goal setting is a hurdle because it happens that different departments have different ideas. For example, some want to cut company costs.

On the other hand, others see the migration to the cloud as an opportunity to develop new products and services that they can flexibly scale and exploit thanks to cloud solutions. The examples show that it is essential to include all departments and their employees with their different objectives early.

Looking For The Best Migration Method

To implement a smooth cloud migration, it should also be checked in advance which applications and components of the legacy systems are suitable for relocation to the cloud. Many companies currently part of the mass migration of applications to the cloud prefer the “lift and shift” method. The application remains more or less unchanged. The advantage of such a project is that the migration pays for itself quickly.

When migrating, however, you should not only pay attention to the cost advantages. If a company decides to migrate its application to the cloud unchanged, it must ensure that all applications are up-to-date and meet the requirements for operation in the cloud. If this is not the case, old legacy applications should be replaced by modern applications.

Technology Alone Does Not Determine Success

Many mass migrations are primarily about moving your application to the cloud at any cost. The main actors in the scenario were previously IT managers. But that is changing noticeably. Successful and smooth cloud migration requires company-wide collaboration, in which both cultural and process changes must be initiated.

Only then can it be guaranteed that cross-departmental collaboration occurs and that the cloud project is not driven by a few decision-makers alone. And then, it may come to a standstill due to interactions with other departments involved.

Word has gotten around among many executives that this is a critical factor for digital growth. For this reason, when moving to the cloud, more outstanding care is taken to include all areas of the company. Flexible corporate cultures and good change management are the basic requirements to be able to implement this.

Only when all of these questions have been resolved should companies venture into the cloud. If the migration is successful, the company can deal with which new business models may still be developed through the cloud to further expand the competitive advantage over other companies.

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