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Companies Have To Suspend Video Identification Procedures

The health insurance companies must now suspend their video identification process. For the time being insured persons, will no longer be able to identify themselves with their smartphone camera to use the online services of their health insurance company. The reason for this is a technical security gap. 

Grammatik, the digitization service provider of the healthcare system, has prohibited health insurance companies from using so-called video ident processes. According to an official statement, insured persons will no longer be able to identify themselves with their smartphone camera to use their health insurance company’s online services.

According to Gematik, the ban was unavoidable due to a “security weakness”. The national agency for digital medicine is said to have responded to a security report by the Chaos Computer Club.

Grammatik Bans Video Identification Procedures Used By Health Insurance Companies

With the so-called video ident procedure, users can identify themselves online to prove their identity and to use certain services. Among other things, they must hold their ID document in the smartphone camera and show their face.

Algorithms or service employees then check the information to confirm its authenticity. However, the video ident procedure is repeatedly criticized because fraudsters can sometimes circumvent the method with forged identity papers, for example.

Health Insurance Companies Must Take Countermeasures

Insured persons who want to register with their health insurance company for the online services will have to use other identification methods due to the ban. As an alternative, Gematik mentions checking the ID on-site in a branch or by President.

It is still unclear what specific security gap the ban is based on. According to Gematik, the identification method will only be permitted again if the health insurance companies initiate appropriate countermeasures. The digitization service provider commented:

A decision can only be made about the re-approval of VideoIdent procedures when the providers have provided concrete evidence that their systems are no longer susceptible to the weaknesses shown.

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