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Execution Management: Technology Is Changing The Way People Work

Data & intelligence are changing how companies will work in the future. The Celonis Labs research how Process Mining & Execution Management, can support different users in process optimization – and provide impulses for developing new technologies and trends.

Frictional losses in processes, unused data, non-transparent information silos – in most companies, there is unimagined potential. Based on artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and machine learning, technologies such as process mining and execution management support organizations in leveraging this potential and improving their processes.

What Execution Management Can Do

Process mining works like an X-ray machine to uncover inefficiencies in the processes. As a further development of this technology, the Execution Management System provides the recommendations for action suitable for the diagnosis and implements them partially automatically. This gives users a complete real-time overview of how processes influence each other and where there are delays. Improvements are also implemented automatically, or users receive tips on where they should intervene.

“democratization” Of Technology

The use of these technologies is fundamentally changing how companies work: from the management level to the local manager to the employees – everyone involved in a process works together in a result-oriented manner and can access all the relevant knowledge. This creates democratization of technology that enables individuals to make the right decisions more easily and quickly despite greater complexity.

This, in turn, continues to drive emerging technologies such as the advanced use of AI. Hybrid intelligence – the interaction of human and machine intelligence – is gaining importance. Here it is essential to define which tasks should be taken over by algorithms and where human judgment remains indispensable. To further exploit the possibilities of execution management, the experts at the labs are also working intensively on how a wide variety of existing business applications can be connected directly to the Celonis software using suitable interfaces (APIs). In this way, you can improve the user experience, carry out targeted actions and break down silos with the help of a holistic process context.

New Trends – New Experiences

Digital solutions and management systems make the working world more agile and flexible. This development also influences our work. The focus here is increasingly on technologies that were previously more relevant to the consumer sector. For example, virtual reality applications make it easier to use company software or offer companies and their customers who work together in a hybrid working environment exciting opportunities when implementing new solutions, support, or further training.

We are convinced that real and virtual worlds will move closer together in the future, and “phygital” experiences will become more critical for employees and customers. A perfect digital user experience is no longer enough. A holistic approach is required to create physical and digital points of contact.

Even the most successful technologies must not remain in the status quo. We are building a network of innovators in the spirit of exponential innovation, including Celonis employees, customers, partners, developers, and scientists. Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute ideas, discuss trends and learn from successes and failures together. Genuine innovations can only come when you are ready to broaden your perspective.

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