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Five Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

Marketing Strategies: There is a widespread dilemma for information technology companies: The company has a good product, it has managed to put together a reasonable offer, that is, it has packaged its product in an attractive way for the market, but… it needs a good marketing strategy to feed it. Your sales funnel.

Of course, the more marketing actions your company does to help generate leads, the better the results, but here are five widely used strategies that work great for IT companies so you know where to start. And can put some or all of them into practice to help the marketing and sales areas generate good results!

1 – Webinar

By its very format, the Webinar is a strategy that has everything to do with promoting your products and services. This is because the format is a type of content that the public connected to IT uses frequently and also because, in times of digital transformation, the trend is that all types of online events will only grow in the coming years.

With the search for technical content on the part of IT professionals, the need to generate content with depth but simultaneously dynamic and relaxed is increasing. In this, the Webinar fits perfectly and has become one of the darlings of the public.

In it, it is possible to condense lectures that offer materials or presentations later, gather professionals from different companies to talk about some subjects of interest to your persona, or even do panels or quick interviews, even special events or thematic weeks covering a subject, but the side positive is not limited to the type of content that can be generated.

Once recorded, the Webinar can be offered later (as “replay” or “on demand” content), edited into small short videos (drops) or transcribed into an eBook.

2 – Co-Marketing

A strategy little used by many technology companies is co-marketing, that is, marketing actions together with partners or manufacturers of solutions or part of the solutions that IT companies offer.

A great simple option is to use the manufacturer’s material, for example, their articles, e-books or manuals and sales texts for their products. Extensive software and hardware manufacturers often have a wide range of materials, from landing pages to e-books or white papers.

Another way, and an excellent way, to obtain funds for your campaigns is to request them from partners to work on your products or solutions. As it is in the interest of the manufacturer that you sell your solutions, it is common for them to allocate funds so that their distributors or resellers can invest in marketing. Acquiring leads and closing new deals.

3 – Inbound Marketing

A complete strategy for an IT company is undoubtedly Inbound Marketing. This is because it is a complete strategy, which ranges from simple actions on social networks to more complex actions involving marketing automation to make lead generation a constant and scalable process.

Based on producing relevant content that attracts a qualified audience to listen to what the brand has to say, inbound marketing works well in this segment because we are talking about products linked to technology and, therefore, regular consumers of all types of information.

Therefore, an inbound marketing strategy is not only a complete strategy for technology companies but also one of the most effective to reach, relate to and retain your audience.

4 – Cases

Excellent material for the bottom of the funnel is the construction of cases, that is, actual cases of use of the product or the solution that your company is offering where the solution solved a real problem and brought some transformation to a customer.

The case is essential for customers who already know and are considering the solution for their business. Ultimately, they will see how the solution has been applied to companies similar to theirs, and for that, the idea is to follow good practices and respond to four questions that should contain a well-structured case:

What are the company, its segment and its scenario in the period in which they learned about the solution

What was the problem, bottleneck or pain that the company had that brought the need for a solution

How the solution was implemented and acted during the period of use

What result or transformation did the solution bring to the pain, the department or the company in general

By following these four questions, you will probably have a case built, and once that is done, choose the format in which the case will be made available (a PDF, presentation, e-book, website page, etc.) and use it to give the final push your prospect needs to sign the contract.

5 – Partnerships

Different from co-marketing but on the same line is making the correct use of partnerships. Several solutions depend on products from other major manufacturers, be it software, hardware, or any other solution.

The issue is that many companies do not do the basics, which is to check if the manufacturers have a list of partners on their website and see if your company is on that list, if there are awards or certifications that the partners or manufacturers offer, and if they advertise their partners elsewhere.

It is also worth checking with partners and suppliers if they have the same practice and, thus, if there is another dissemination channel or even some marketplace where your business can be inserted.

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