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Five Ways To Promote Digital Security In Your Company

Digital Security: The concern with data and ways of accessing different pages became a common concern with the rise of the internet.

It is clear that with the passage of time and different mechanisms to access websites and pages, different norms and laws have emerged to make the online world a safe place for all Internet users.

Among these changes is the new General Data Protection Law (LGPD). The measure was approved in 2018, and all companies must be aware of the changes and how this mechanism will work in each institution.

Then check out the complete content and take the opportunity to learn five ways to promote digital security in your company.

Internet And News

If in the 1980s or early 90s, the question was about the internet and the barriers that this innovation would break down, many people would need help to measure the power that digital develops today.

With the transformation of programs, software, and social networks, we spend a good part of our day connected, especially those who work with it.

What was once done on huge computers, which occupied huge spaces and were accessible to few people, is now in the palm of our hands. There is no doubt that all this evolution has brought countless benefits to the population, whether in the ease of getting information or even talking to people on the other side of the world.

However, to ensure that all these actions are carried out in the best possible way, there must be laws and rules that all people and companies can follow.

Considering the professional scope, in 2018, the General Data Protection Law was approved. The goal is to make the digital environment safe for companies and employees. This is the mechanism that will protect some data that is exposed in the companies’ systems, keeping vital information confidential.

Therefore, several companies have constantly been updating in recent years to ensure a safe digital scenario for customers and employees. This includes not leaving personal data, such as the number of documents and salary available to all company professionals.

The LGPD contemplates several situations instituted so companies, employees, and consumers can use the digital environment safely. This is also an essential step in stopping constant data leaks, ensuring the safety of thousands of people.

Therefore, it is essential that your company already complies with the new adaptations that are in the law.

Tips To Promote Digital Security

Now that you understand the importance of following the new law and what can be changed in your company, let’s go to the tips:

Email And Security

One of the essential tips is encouraging employees to use email as their primary source of communication.

And this communication is always done by professional email rather than personally. That is, at that address that has the company’s domain. This makes it easier to ensure that the information passed will be in the company’s environment, and in cases of sharing, it is possible to appeal against misuse.

Beware Of External Hits

This topic complements the previous one. This is because many companies have started to use social networks and applications such as WhatsApp as the primary source of communication.

However, when sharing important information via messages, the company may be unprotected, allowing this data to be shared with others. After all, by triggering the employee in personal contact, he can replicate that information to whoever he wants, leaving the company exposed. Therefore, be careful when choosing this form of communication.

Don’t Let Information Leak

This is a fundamental care that the entire institution must follow. We know that a friend always wants to share something with the other, and this type of behavior should not be tolerated.

Everyone must follow the rules when the institution has a data security policy and mechanisms to protect the information.

Of course, there are currently several solutions that can help your company, so it is essential to find the one that matches your work routine and can provide more protection.

Planned Passwords

This is another crucial care that must be taken seriously. Many co-workers often share the password or even use the same password to access documents and data.

However, by doing so, the company may be facilitating improper access to information, as it will be more challenging to know who accessed a particular document.

The situation is easier to assess when employees have their login and password. Thus, it is possible to check who accessed each of the materials and what changes were made, making it difficult to exchange data.

Data Precautions

This is the last tip, but not the least: don’t let your company’s data be stolen! By collecting this information, you are partnering with employees and customers; they expect it to be private. It is essential that there is a selection of people who will have access to the information and how this analysis will be carried out.

Please do not leave the data exposed; this action may make it easier for some people to copy this information and earn money from the sale.

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