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How To Apply Digital Transformation In Companies

Digital Transformation: New technologies are changing work within companies faster and faster. Therefore, only those who adapt to these new tools should guarantee their own space in a more volatile and connected market than ever.

One of the phenomena resulting from all these innovations is the so-called digital transformation in companies, which promises to gain even more prominence and relevance in the coming years.

You may still not know the meaning of digital transformation or don’t understand its relevance to today’s business. However, many companies are already investing in these new tools to ensure their relevance. The faster you can keep up with these trends, and the safer your business will be in this new scenario.

What Is Digital Transformation In Companies?

The simplest definition of digital transformation would be “a profound change in the company’s internal processes, both at a technical and interpersonal level.” And what does that mean?

First, this transformation involves adopting new technologies that not only make the job of management easier but fundamentally change how the business works. Integrating different devices and sectors is increasingly important to improve the performance of internal processes.

Furthermore, this transformation also involves changing how managers think about the processes themselves. Tasks traditionally rely on human assessment, such as curriculum analysis and systems development, and can be partially or fully automated with the right tools. Jobs that will always require a human touch can certainly be optimized, thanks to digital technology.

What Are The Key Technologies In This Process?

Digital transformation in companies is based on applying new technologies that give more options to the execution of internal processes. See 5 of these technologies and how they should impact several businesses.

Cloud Computing

If you are still unfamiliar with the term, cloud computing refers to a set of technologies and tools. These tools aim to store systems, websites, or any content on faster, safer servers that are easily expanded or retracted. They are hosted outside the contracting company and paid in the IaaS modality (infrastructure as a service). The greatest example of a cloud computing service is the Virtual Data Center.

Among the main advantages of this type of technology is the ease of expansion. With cloud computing, your business infrastructure can be expanded in a matter of seconds, quickly and easily resolving unexpected spikes in access.

Big Data

Thanks to the internet and greater connectivity between different devices, it is possible to collect ever-increasing amounts of data in an orderly manner that produces tangible results. This is what we call “Big Data,” the giant set of information businesses can use today.

This technology is also part of the digital transformation in companies today. As the online world allows you to reach a much wider audience without incurring high costs, being able to analyze more market information will be an important differentiator for your decision-making.

Internet Of Things

More than allowing communication, new digital technologies are making information networks increasingly autonomous. If there are five computers in a business, it is already possible to use several tools to connect them in a network and make them share data among themselves and coordinate their work.

This practice of uniting multiple information processing systems and using them in unison is the main task of the Internet of Things or the “Internet of Things.” Thanks to it, it is possible to add more and more value to information networks without creating a separate system to coordinate all the components.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technologies are also increasingly present nowadays, especially in branches focused on digital entertainment and training simulations. The possibility of replicating environments in digital spaces is still recent, but it is growing faster and faster.

However, this also means that the applications of this technology in enterprises are limited. But these options already have a great impact on several sectors. For example, taking a tour of a house that has yet to be built would be a great highlight for any business in the construction industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Of course, machines have already become smarter, but in different ways than a person. There is still a long way to go before a computer can understand the world like a human. However, when it comes to efficiency, artificial intelligence is already a very important tool in everyday business.

Through more complex programming, a machine can memorize patterns of action and, based on some guidelines, make decisions on its own and learn from the results. The more interactions the system performs, the smarter and more efficient it becomes.

How To Make Digital Transformation Part Of Your Culture?

Another aspect we mentioned about digital transformation in companies is that there must also be a change in the organizational culture in addition to the technical part. Several traditional functions, both in the management and operational areas, will be renewed to use these technologies better. But without a proactive attitude from employees, you will have much more difficulty in this process.

Above all, the key here is to invest in adapting your team over time before changes take hold. Training in using new tools and incentives to take courses can make a big difference in the results obtained when you decide to implement these technologies on a larger scale.

Now that you better understand what digital transformation is in companies and how it can be applied to your business, it’s time to put together a plan to improve your internal processes and keep up with new technological trends because taking the time to prepare will greatly improve your results.

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