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Main Features Of Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM?

No wonder this is software recognized worldwide for its efficiency and improved results. With a complete and intuitive platform, Sales Cloud promises to help you expand your contracts, find new customers and close new deals faster.

Salesforce’s sales CRM has several features that can impact your sales cycle. Check out the main ones below.

Close More Deals For Your Sales Team

In the challenge of better performance for the sales team, Salesforce’s CRM helps your company manage contacts and communicate with customers, in addition to obtaining essential insights from the information generated on social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The tool also accompanies all stages within the sales process, gathering essential information for closing that negotiation.

Within that, Salesforce Inbox and Salesforce Engage features allow you to identify critical data and needs and generate real-time alerts to take action at the exact moment.

A summary of features:

  • Contact Management: Complete customer view with activity history, essential contacts, customer communications, and internal account-related discussions;
  • Opportunity management: all the details about the team’s deals: phase, products, competition, quotes, and much more;
  • Salesforce Inbox: Optimize your Workflow and identify important customer data when you need it most by leveraging Relationship Intelligence capabilities to predict customer needs;
  • Salesforce Engage: Connect the sales force with customers with just one click using personalized sales campaigns created by marketing;
  • Sales Collaboration: Tap into the knowledge of everyone across the company with a social collaboration network designed for business.

Attract And Convert More Leads

In one place, your team can manage leads and marketing automation to optimize campaigns and qualify incoming contacts.

Monitoring the data generated by the team also helps direct investments in attraction and loyalty actions. And partner management strengthens your network and enables you to share goals and objectives.

A summary of features:

  • Lead management: track your leads from the first click to closing the deal;
  • Partner Management: Build and strengthen your partner network with a partner community.

Improve Company Productivity

Some of the features within Salesforce Sales Cloud were primarily designed to speed up operations and get more leads to close deals.

Among them are making calls through the platform, integrating with popular email applications on the market (such as Gmail and Outlook), and file synchronization and sharing.

Another big difference is the Salesforce Mobile App, which makes it easier and allows all the interactions mentioned above to be done from anywhere, with a simple touch through your mobile device.

Visual Workflow automates and makes negotiation approval processes more flexible in case of possible discounts, expenses, etc.

A summary of features:

  • Lightning Voice: call leads and customers with a single click and take notes in real-time;
  • Mobility: The Salesforce Mobile App turns your mobile device into a portable sales office;
  • Workflow and Approvals: Use Visual Workflow to quickly create and automate any business process with a simple drag-and-drop;
  • Inside the sales panel: increase the intelligence and speed of work of internal sales teams by offering an experience corresponding to the way they work;
  • Email Integration: Use the email apps you already know and sync everything from contacts and events to tasks;
  • File synchronization and sharing: Share files, discuss them, publish them and track content in real-time.

Insight-Based Decisions

Reports, dashboards, territory management, and sales forecasts help turn insights into strategic action. Have more data and information base for the decisions made by the sales team.

With the integration between Sales Cloud and Wave App for Sales, it is possible to closely monitor the pipeline and team performance, identifying new opportunities for sales growth.

A summary of features:

  • Reports and Dashboards: Dashboards give you a real-time overview of your business;
  • Sales forecasts: fast, easy, and accurate. See team forecasts at a glance and always stay on top of your business;
  • Territory Management: Managing sales territories is complex, so Sales Cloud helps simplify the process;
  • Wave App for Sales: This app integrates with Sales Cloud to deliver new insights on any device.

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