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Humanized Technology: A Differential For Companies

Investing in Humanized Technology is a great idea to make the most of innovative tools in the company, but in a more friendly way for employees and other stakeholders.

Thus, it is possible to unite people and technological advances in favor of business.  Discover the advantages of embracing Humanized Technology in the organization and strengthen your relationship with different audiences!

Technology And People: An Irreversible Approach

To keep in touch with acquaintances from different groups, perform bureaucratic tasks, access different leisure options, and even order food or call for alternative transport… routines like these currently permeate digital media and electronic instruments.  

Today’s routine is very different from two decades ago, and this trend is irreversible: technology and its various tools will be increasingly present in our daily lives — denying this movement means falling behind and losing opportunities for nothing. 

In this sense, the corporate market has been embracing technological trends to gain more competitiveness, using innovations to optimize processes, offer more engaging customer experiences, and reach new segments. There are even methodologies that see technology not as a tool. Still, a strategic business partner, taking full advantage of all possible resources — as in Digital Transformation. 

However, there is still a certain difficulty in adapting to changes, especially on the part of professionals from older generations. Decades ago, there was the view that technology was something cold and even harmful (such as the mistaken and simplistic idea that it would “take jobs” ): it is not for nothing that the large number of science fiction works that explored the fear of innovations and the “humanity versus machine” scenario — they just brought up the fears of the generation, translated into stories. 

Fortunately, some of these fears continue to haunt only fiction, as does this great divide between technology and human beings. If we respect the legislation and ethical and moral precepts (promoted in actions such as digital compliance and LGPD ), innovations have a lot to add to people’s lives and businesses. 

But, to bring the two together and break down barriers like these, the concept of Humanized Technology was developed to make this relationship more friendly and productive. 

What Is Humanized Technology, And What Is Its Impact On Organizations?

Technological tools do not need to be “cold” or “distant,” but they can be useful and close. The concept of Humanized Technology seeks to offer people a more accessible and positive experience with technological resources.

And this idea is not far from people’s reality. Have you ever had contact with a personal digital assistant program? This tool helps many organize their lives, reminding them of appointments and offering important information for their daily lives, among other possibilities. 

Regarding companies, Humanized Technology makes adapting to tools and innovations more friendly, breaking preconceived ideas and encouraging employees to take advantage of all available resources.

This also means exploring the best tools and enhancing the positive impacts of adopting technology in the organization. More agile and optimized processes, well-evaluated customer interaction channels, more practical operations for employees and other stakeholders involved with the company, and greater control over several strategic areas are some of the benefits that will increasingly be seen in this closer relationship. 

In the end, everything contributes to increasing the company’s competitiveness — with greater efficiency and results, it is natural for the business to improve its performance and gain more space in the market. 

Examples Of Humanized Technology In Companies

Technological advances offer several advantages for businesses that take advantage of their resources. For this, it is important to know the options to know which one is valid for the reality and needs of the company. 

Regarding Humanized Technology, some examples of the application of this concept in organizations are: 


One of the most common tools used today is chatbots. They can be used both in customer relations and with employees and other audiences. 

This feature is usually implemented in messaging applications, social networks, websites, blogs, intranet, and telephone services. To apply humanization, the texts and tone of communication generally resemble the speech style of ordinary people. In this way, instead of a more “dry” and distant contact, a more friendly and close conversation is offered. 

People Analytics

The company’s relationship with its internal public is strategic: it is important to motivate and engage employees to encourage their productivity and quality of service — and a tool that can help in this relationship is People Analytics. 

In summary, this method collects, organizes, and analyzes employee data to facilitate decision-making in people management. It is possible to obtain strategic information (such as the performance, behavior, and activities of professionals) that will help HR to identify gaps and problems in the internal dynamics and think of ways to solve them. Thus, you have in your hands a fundamental material to improve the results of the sector. 

Behavioral Profile

The data collected by the platforms can also be used by HR to discover the behavioral profile of employees and candidates for a job vacancy. This information is essential to know if the professional would fit into the internal dynamics of organizational culture or else to understand better the people who are already in the company, allowing greater assertiveness to the actions of the sector, allocating and reallocating personnel according to their characteristics and posture.

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