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Innovation Marketing: How To Apply It In Companies?

Innovation Marketing is one of four actions that need to be implemented by a company for it to guarantee its space in the market in which it operates – the other three are process innovation, product or service innovation, and organizational innovation. 

It consists of using a marketing method not previously used by the company, such as significant changes to the brand logo, packaging, positioning, or promotion. As a final result, these changes are always aimed at improving outbound customer prospecting and, consequently, increasing sales, but the goals pursued can be several:

  • Improve the visibility or exposure of services or products;
  • Increase or preserve market share;
  • Entering new markets, for example.

As a company’s success is not only related to the delivery of good products or efficient manufacturing processes, it is essential to have an innovative marketing strategy to attract the target audience. 

With growing digital technology, consumers can access various brands, but only some stand out. With this, companies must work with innovation in marketing to generate new ways to reach the public and increase sales, as well as neuromarketing techniques and practices.

There are countless marketing innovations that a company can resort to, but for them to be effective, the response team must be aware of the trends in its market so that it can stand out.

It is important to emphasize that marketing innovation can be distinct from creating a business profile on social networks or even sharing memes. Despite good practices that help develop innovation in marketing, it is important that there is planning behind all actions.

Actions To Apply Marketing Innovations In The Company

Several simple actions can be taken to create a culture of innovation in the marketing industry. Below, you can check out the main actions that will help achieve this goal. Look!

Create A Culture Of Innovation

Company leaders need to instill a culture of innovation in the corporate environment, in which employees in the marketing sector can take ownership of their creativity and innovation and bring in new strategies that yield better results.

This practice guarantees significant changes within the corporate context, which are quickly embraced by the teams as they bring greater autonomy and reliability to the work of professionals. In addition, the team makes fewer mistakes and becomes more engaged in their tasks.

Embrace Technology

Implementing technology in the corporate environment is a matter of survival these days. But when it comes to  ​​innovation, some companies tend to resort only to root marketing and ignore the potential in other tools, as is the case with digital marketing.

Large companies around the world are already adapted to digital. They are even on the main social networks, using strategies such as Analytics to analyze their performance, and define content that generates relationships with their audiences, in addition to the internet of things and others.

The focus of these actions is on the customer’s life cycle because the purchase decision of current consumers is not only based on their desire or need but is also directly related to trends in social networks, the alternative of shopping online through mobile devices, and because of the brand’s image in the digital field.

Thus, a company’s marketing is responsible for developing campaigns and sales actions and identifying the correct way to combine sector strategies with technology to generate more consumer buying interest.


Benchmarking means “reference.” In practice, it means conducting an in-depth analysis of the best actions used by competing companies that can be used in your organization.

In the benchmarking process, interpretation, evaluation, and measurement of data collected on institutions of the same niche that are qualified as competitors of your company are carried out.

This strategy can be used in any company, whether small or large. This action is essential to understand what is and is not working in the market. This is because it has helped facilitate the development of companies’ marketing innovation processes.

Give Autonomy To The Teams Involved

Giving autonomy to teams that are somehow related to marketing innovation is a way to put ideas into practice, test, and experiment with new solutions to identify whether or not it is worth continuing with such actions. 

Professionals should feel that they are important figures in the process and have the opportunity to act and give their opinions on the decisions that will be taken. But it is important that when implementing this change, your company focuses on defining goals and deadlines so that the results appear. As a result, employees will commit even more to their tasks.

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