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Innovative Management: 8 Tips To Improve Company Results

Innovative Management: The market is constantly changing, and, to ensure competitiveness, consumer engagement, and performance excellence, companies need to develop solutions suited to the specifics of the business and compatible with today’s world dominated by globalization.

In this scenario, nothing is more viable than relying on innovative management. Generally, the term innovation refers to technology. Innovative management is critical, but other tools must be used to improve all business operations. This type of management also refers to behavioral changes and new practices in the business environment.

What is Innovative Management?

This form of management can be understood as a new model capable of increasing the efficiency of processes by introducing updated practices. It refers to monitoring and using major trends and solutions in the corporate environment.

To understand the concept, it is essential to resort to the definition of innovation in the business context. Innovating is a process of conjunction between three main factors. Are they:

  • creativity dynamics: the creation of a disruptive or incremental idea about sales procedures for products and services;
  • Feasibility process: technical analysis of an idea’s technological, legal, operational, marketing, and economic-financial characteristics. The feasibility analysis is what allows the verification of the results obtained with the idea;
  • Demand process: after transforming the idea into a product or service, it is time to verify its acceptance by the market and the possible need for change to achieve the best results.

It is worth remembering that implementing innovative management requires investments in qualification and training from companies. Innovative knowledge and techniques improve people management, increase the efficiency of regular assessments and develop relationships with customers and the company’s human resources.

Furthermore, we are in the age of technology. Therefore, using state-of-the-art software is an excellent way to centralize and optimize operations and anticipate and meet market demands.

Eight Ways To Promote Innovative Management

Below, we list the best tips for implementing innovative management in your company’s processes. Check out!

Mobilize The Team

The proper functioning of the enterprise requires that employees are always motivated and engaged to ensure increased performance. It is essential to assemble a team dedicated exclusively to innovation. With this, ideas are systematized and can be implemented in record time.

One of the innovative strategies is the creation of a knowledge management area in the company. You can use, for example, the SECI Model and its four stages (knowledge spiral): socialization, combination, externalization, and internalization.

This way, the corporation can collect and disseminate good ideas and practices previously restricted to a few employees. In addition, mobilizing the team means creating a culture of innovation and managing the company’s internal knowledge. It is also possible to rely on specialized software to develop improvements.

Know The Company’s Workflow

Companies have different sectors and must be aligned to ensure successful operations. In addition, producing the goods or services offered to the market involves several processes. Knowing the depth of the company’s workflow in the context of innovative management allows for correcting errors, repairing productive bottlenecks, and identifying opportunities.

Identify Opportunities

To promote the growth of the enterprise, it is essential to identify the primary needs and opportunities. For this, the external and internal environment of the corporation must be analyzed. Recognizing the possibilities in the short, medium, and long term allows the enterprise’s continuity and the development of innovative ideas.

Adopt The Feedback Policy

Feedback is a fundamental part of the collaborative culture. Listening to what employees have to say about the company’s routine activities, team members, task execution, and the business’s organizational structure is one way to offer the necessary working conditions, increase engagement and build an expanded view of the various sectors of the enterprise. Dialogue is always a good management tool.

Invest In Technology

Technology is an excellent ally of business management, primarily through software such as ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ). Using new technologies allows the company to optimize and centralize all operations, have management reports, improve communication, develop sustainably, and guarantee remote access to all information.

Filter The Ideas

Innovative management requires ideas to be screened and tested. The knowledge management team must have adequate methodologies and indicators to verify the situations before and after the implementation of the solutions and store the unselected ideas to avoid rework and guarantee the construction of a consistent database.

To filter ideas, the knowledge management team can use, for example, the “development funnel” model. In addition, stimulating employees’ creativity from different company sectors increases insights. Therefore, solutions to problems can be found within the teams themselves.

Make The Environment Conducive

Currently, the competitive paradigm is the most used by companies. On the one hand, employees are looking for the best career path. On the other hand, enterprises seek a better position in the market. Competition has some advantages. However, collaborative practices have shown better results since they enable simultaneous employee/company growth.

The collaborative culture is an excellent ally of creativity and, consequently, of innovative management. To build a favorable environment, it is recommended to horizontalize communication and other processes, stimulate the generation of ideas, promote the exchange of knowledge, and offer creative freedom to employees.

Build Partnerships

Partnerships are fundamental in any market segment, and in innovative management, they become even more critical. Establishing partnerships means expanding the possibility of return, relying on other organizations’ experience and technical knowledge, and increasing positive results. When choosing partners, ensure the strategies and cultures between the companies are compatible.

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